Gear Multiplier Effect on Re-Stimulated Muscle After Injury?

Because of injuries I haven’t trained for a couple of weeks. Should I start training before gear arrives or will the gains be way better if I start training with gear?

I recommend waiting until injury free. Your cycle has the chance to exacerbate your injury. Hell you may just feel stronger and push too hard without proper time to heal.

To clarify, train without AAS until your certain the injury is gone.

I am. I mean if it’s worth it not training for a couple of days so that the muscles will receive a bigger shock and will grow and become stronger faster if I train from the start with the steroids.

What kind of injury do you have? Hard to advise without knowing the specifics / severity. I’m not a doc but there are plenty of guys on here that have had life experience with injuries… maybe somebody can chime in that has had the same as yours…?

No. I healed already and good as new but am thinking that just like with newbie gains, there is the possibility that I would get better muscle growth and strenght if I used steroids when starting training again because of the momentum + steroids than if I started training now and lose the big momentum I may or may not get from steroids.
Want to know if my hypothesis is true and if it’s worth it.

@iron_yuppie Maybe you can chime in and help better explain? I don’t seem to be doing well.

I think you are over thinking it. Just train normally.

It doesn’t work like that. Muscle memory is real and it’s kind of it’s own effect that you’ll experience after taking time off. You use steroids to get to a level that you otherwise couldn’t reach naturally. Just train normally and start your cycle when you originally planned to.