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Gear Makes Me Lose My Motivation

So I am doing a small amount of roids, check out my log if you want to know the details.

Basically everyday is a great day at the gym.

Somehow I am losing interest quickly in the gym thing. When I envision whatever weight I will be able to lift one day, it doesn’t do me anything anymore. I do not care.

Like if it is just not something awesome to do anymore.

Normally gains on things like the front squat are pretty damn hard to get, lots of setbacks and you crush yourself on a wall often, but now even if I am steadily gaining 5lbs per week, every week and will be past my record in no time it’s just not that exciting.

I never really cared about being big honestly and I don’t care about what anyone else does. I don’t take pictures of my physique. Right now I am pretty buff and aesthetic to be honest. I like my body, obviously it will continue getting fitter, etc, because that’s the point of exercising but I am very happy with what I have.

I just really liked to exercise, the grind, rewards, feeling good, etc.

Seems like I just dont care anymore, it’s pointless now.

My E2 is in check by the way, and I never had that much Test. in my blood in my life as right now. Isn’t any better than my “low-normal” T normal self.

What the heck

That sucks dude. I don’t know anything about roids but maybe you just need a few days off from the gym and thinking about fitness.

So you’re saying that the gear you are running is making you lose motivation to lift? I don’t understand how that’s possible.

That was moved from bigger stronger leaner sub forum by the way

How far into this cycle are you? I can get a bit like this late in a long cycle.
Sometimes you need a break from the gym for 1-2 weeks every now and then, or at least cut back on volume and intensity, make the workouts short and enjoyable.

2-3 weeks @ 250-300mg, first time steroids. I don’t really have a plan honestly, might order some stuff to come off in a few weeks.

That’s not a lot according to a lot of people, but what happened in the gym the last couple of days especially was ridiculous. Crazy PR day but still it’s pretty meh, not really excited about it.

I started out with 2 weeks at 50-100mg before that.

Read his log.

dt, I had a brief read yesterday. Pretty decent numbers already for someone who’s just gone on steroids. The other thing I noticed that J emphasises, doing the exact same things until it becomes easier a lot. Yep that a good way of improving, but its going to increase the boredom factor, over a 5 month period with no apparent break in training.

i’m going to be simple and direct, you’re not made for this. Just stop it.

Do other things that’ll make you happy.

For me, pump is the cure. I can be super stressed, bad to hell and when I go to the gym, man … I’m renewed, I’m finished, I’m having a hard time sometimes, but I love that feeling.

Steroids are just the icing on the cake, they can never be your motivation, they were never my motivation, I trained 5 years without steroids, I just started to use to compete. My passion for training does not come and it will never come from steroids.

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Funny thing is I think I am taking it pretty good physically. Skin hasn’t changed at all, balls haven’t shrinked that much, no nipples issues or anything, etc. Not specially depressed or euphoric.

I guess I don’t like cakes with icing