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Gear Help for a Nervous Newbie

Ok I’m kind of new to the whole gear thing. I’ve read a bunch of forums on gear but I feel like I want some current up to date help.

I wanna try some gear but I wanna know for ordering online what is my actual chances of
1: getting bunk gear
2: getting seized
3: getting caught

I’m not planning on buying in bulk or anything.
But would it be possible to get about
1000 anadrol
And 1000dbol
In one order through customs

order domestic, i tried ordering from canada it got seized.
i cant give you my new source but try different forums which allows talking about sources.
it took me a while to find a source.
find a source that use bitcoins domestic and made in china thats as much as i could help you

it might be eaiser to get pills international than liquid but still

no way to answer your question with any level of accuracy. I thought about responding to your post sarcastically, because i think this should be obvious, but i’m in a good mood today, so you get a real response.

  1. no way to know without knowing your source. different labs have different reputations. anadrol and dbol are not often faked though. so that’s good. sometimes dosing can be off. that’s a risk we all take, and it’s actually a VERY common thing.

  2. getting seized depends on where it’s coming from, how it’s packaged, whether the government is watching your source, etc. IF YOU GET A NOTE SAYING COME SIGN FOR A PACKAGE… don’t do it. it’s a trap. just let it go.

  3. if you pay attention to number 2, you won’t get caught. law enforcement is generally not out to get small-time customers.