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Gear Has No Smell, All the Same Color


Just got vials of cypionate/masteron/boldenone, all from the same company. not sure if im allowed to post the name on the forum. anyways I currently have suspension from the company and its fantastic (too much water retention though)and as well I had primorone but not enough to be effective because he didnt have stock. although I just got a call from my vitamin dealer that he has primo and deca so will pick up tomorrow.

The boldenone and cypionate are in clear bottles and the masteron is in a brownish bottle. it looks legit judging by the pics from their website but when I withdraw from the 3 of them they are all the same color (well you can see the cyp/boldenone vials are the same-the masteron is in a brown bottle)..exactly like wesson vegetable oil (that light yellowish color), and also it doesnt have any smell whatsoever. nothing.

I thought almost all have that smell (like a smelly cheese sustanon smell) or at least the various gear ive tried. also when I pull it in the syringe there is no difference in oils. its like I withdrew from one vial. I usually see a separation when I pull sus and then pull out deca, but with this it's all the same.

does this sound right?
thanks in advance.


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actually Ive contacted the MFR and he said no one has reported issues with their gear. theyve been in business for 3 years. they have a nice website and the gear looks legit except for the simple fact that it has no smell.

I pulled a drop from each bottle and they all have the same very very faint smell, but nothing like the kinda stank we know when pull out stuff like sus. and yea, no oil swirling. dammit this guy has sold me GTP before and that was either severly underdosed or just garbage. the trenA came in the wesson light yellow color and so was the deca and the boldenone. this guy is pissing me off.

let me ask you something BBB, should the color be different for each of the cyp/boldenone/masteron items in the final stage? I just compared them to sus from schering (very legit-comes from my pharmacy through prescriptions) and UG sus and it looks the same. tomorrow I'll get primorone from the same MFR to compare. for instance trenA (ec)that I have is a honey-ish/light caramel color.

Thanks for all your help buddy.