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Gear from Bulgaria


I'm thinking of ordering some clenbuterol from x-forte does anyone know if this is A reputible company? Are they just going to rip me off? and what are the chances of it not getting to me(as in confication)? any help would be useful.


Never heard of them but if you live in the states why not just get some from a state side lab. Sinces its for your... um animals...


I agree with caladin. Clen is semi legal to buy anyway for your uhh you know research purposes...


For sure its for an...animal... A big stud with a little more squish than I care to have. I mean on him of course.


You can buy Clen on Ebay. That is the only drug that I know of that you can buy on Ebay, though.


I thought clen wasn't very safe?Are there any good article out there about clen?


Just google it. articles all over the place finding something reliable is my problem I want to start my "stud" asap. you can also use the search at the top of the screen there is decent info and alot of good people that have tried it. and safe is a reletive.