Gear for Training

Mark Bell has suggested it was a good idea for raw competitors to occasionally use gear during training so that you can use a heavier weight through a full range of motion. I am looking into getting Inzer gear as that is what he suggested and I will be using it on my max effort work.

If you guys have any experience in these your help would be greatly appreciated.

First, I am thinking of getting power pants, but I am not sure if they are very effective as compared to the champ or z suit?
I was mainly looking at the Power pants because I figured they would work better for squats, deadlifts, and my other max effort lifts, where as the squat suit which would only be effective for squats, is this presumption true?

Also do you believe getting them in double layer makes them more effective and wear out slower?

I am between these three because I am looking for a low budget option because again I am only looking to use them for training.


I have a champion suit that I use for both squat and DL. Very inexpensive and good to learn in. It is completely different feeling squating in a suit. I havn’t even gotten the straps up yet so I use them as briefs really. Plus a suit is easier to get on due to the straps. You can use the straps to hang from a bar to get the suit on good and snug.

The only problem I have had is depth is tough to get to in a suit.

Power pants are good for overloading the squat without getting too crazy (maybe get 50lbs out of them). Check the stickies too

I have a Z Suit and a pair of groove briefs, I prefer the suit cause you can go straps up or down and it find it stays up better then the pair of briefs

Thanks for the replies and help.
I think I am going to go for the power pants because my goal with these is to be able to overload while not getting too much out of the groove of raw squatting and deadlifting.
I am still not sure on if it will give me an advantage in overloading to get them double layered.