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Gear for Sports Performance Business?


If you guys were starting a small sports performance business what would be the equipment you must have right off bat. The starting facility space would be about 2500-3000sq. I was thinking about the items below but will probably need to decrease:

3 Collegiate Power Racks
3 Trap bars
Texas bars
Plates/Ol bumpers
Dumbbells 5-150
Lat pd/Low row
Chest support row
Rev hypers
45 degree hyper
2 Prowlers
4 sleds
Plyos boxes

Vision is to start small 2500-3000sq for the first 3 years before increasing to about 5000-5500sq.


Damn ! I would definitely train at that gym...

The chest-support row and 45 degree hypers could probably wait, and maybe add some TRX or rings.


proper turf for running/bounding, space for throws, there is more to sports than squat racks...


Read the post, only 2500-3000sq first three years. ALL SPEED WORK WILL BE OUTSIDE AT LOCAL SCHOOLS/PARKS.


awesome structure you will be building, wish you luck.


aah, okay, then you have everything covered!


The only thing I can think of in addition to what you listed is kettle bells and medicine balls.


Jay Ferruggia recently had a great blog post about this exact question:

Know the kinds of clients you'll be dealing with, as well as how many clients per session.

Other than that, it sounds like you've got the basics fairly-well covered. In the long run, I'd try to duplicate a place either like Jonathan Chaimberg's Adrenaline Performance Center (seems like a small spot that's efficiently packed with stuff) or Cressey Performance (doesn't seem to have a ton of gear, but works with tons of pro athletes).

On that note, read through one of Cressey's blog posts (Point #3 is something interesting to think about).

Best of luck.


Get a smaller building size, less likely to fail in your business venture.