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Gear for a Football Player


I wanna gain alot of speed plus 30lbs in the offseason. Im already one of the fastest guys on the team, but would like to improve. Can someone please make a routine for me plus a good cycle. Ive been training for awhile, i like the 5x5 split except with a few higher rep sets at the end (8-10). Def. wanna increase strenght + mass. And im assuming while in season i should avoid steroids?

I take currently on hgh btw, and i'm 5'11 180lb. Plan on doing a 4-5 month bulker, dunno if i should do more or less. I think 230lb is a good target weight for me.


May I be the first to say "lol"?
Well, what can I say? You want to cheat at a sport. I'm against use in sports to gain a competitive advantage, but I do support use for personal gain or bodybuilding.

This isn't a board where you come and everyone does everything for you. No we cannot make your routine, or your cycle. You have to do it all yourself.

Lastly, I am going to assume you are in high school, the way you are talking. You should reconsider whether you want to use steroids at this point. Also, do some research about the stuff you are about to put into your body, because you just came off as uneducated. You are already using a very strong hormone, if what you say is true. If it is, then you have already made one mistake.


I dont care how i present myslef on the internet. i just want some cycle advice for college ball, thats about it. if ur not gonna do that then leave. k?

i was hoping some vet would help me out, i dont have 2 much time to read everything like the vets, but i do know alot of the steroid basics: pct, stacks, etc.


Why don't you get the info from your HGH dealer?


if ur 180 right now, your target goal of 230 is waaay waaay too high. if you go on a bulking phase, then you might be able to get up to 200 in 5 months (with steroids). theres no way you would gain 50 pounds of anything in 5 months unless you eat krispy kremes for every meal.

also, it is likely that you will LOSE speed if you put on a lot of mass.

and it sounds like you need to do a lot of research. some AAS can be detected up to 18 months later.

if ur gonna be using this for a sport, your main goal if you decide to use AAS is to put on muscle that STAYS when you get off cycle.


If everyone else had the time to do their own research, then you do too. Everyone has to pave their own way when it comes to steroids. When you actually do your research and come up with an appropriate cycle (if you even do one at your age, which isn't really recommended), then I'm sure the vets will look over it for you.

By the way, who are you trying to fool? You're not playing college ball at 5'11 and 180.


this is the valueable info your missing out on if you don't have time to read the posts........Lots of great info....may save your life........or keep you from causing yourself some suffering.


Using AAS for speed gains only occurs at the elite level. You are not elite.

Gaining 30 pounds will not improve your skills.

You are under the misguided notion that AAS is a cure-all for being small and slow.

Try eating and training first.


yeah i said 230 is my "goal", meaning longterm. Realistically ill gain 20-30lb


does anyone know if theres a ignore function anywere here?


and i know that deca stays in the system for 18 months. you guys are assuming im a super-newb. so far the cycle i had planned was this:

12 weeks - Test-C (500mg a week)
first 4 weeks - D-bol (45mg ED)
year cycle - GH 4iu (5 on 2off)

PCT - HCG, Nolva, clen, tribulus


Why is everyone bum rushing this kid. He just wants info. I find it comical that you don't approve of juice in athletics but it is ok for bodybuilders and personal reasons. WTF? And as far as being too small for college ball. About 25% of the NFL is 5'11" 180 lbs...


Read his original post. He wants someone to make his cycle and make his routine, without doing any personal research.

As for the athletics vs bodybuilding/personal reasons, you are blind if you can't see the reasoning behind it. In bodybuilding and for your own personal gain, you are not achieving a competitive advantage over anyone, and so you are not cheating anything. In athletics, let's say that hypothetically a result of his cycle caused him to make the winning touchdown in the state championships because he ran faster/knocked over the safety/whatever. Would you still say "WTF" when comparing the two uses?

As for that last comment....HAHA find me a list of 40 NFL players (a list, do not pick them out one by one) and we will see how many of those are 5'11 180.


Could have just said because he is a kid, and you don't condone KIDS using steroids... Or because he doesn't want to do the research. One could almost the use of steroids in sports to bring an edge that they were not lucky enough to be gifted with at birth. I dunno, I kind of think it is cheating but who gives a fuck, athletes have always looked for an edge.

IN greece it was alcohol, and formaldehyde. South American Natives would suck on coca leaves to go through the andes. I dunno, I guess there is a difference between sucking coca leaves and injecting hormones directly into your body.


It's just wrong to juice in high school in order to do better in sports.

If you need to juice in high school then you're probably not good enough to legitimize dong so. If you've been juicing in high school and you're dwarfing a bunch of drug free kids you're just being a dick.

I don't know if you should avoid steroids because I don't know anything about you or your age or what. I don't know what kind of football you're playing or what. Maybe you're in the European XFL Leagues or something and you should be juicing.


i'm 23 and a bodybuilder. My bodyfat is almost nothing. 180lbs is pure muscle. I wanna juice so these football guys dont cream me like they usually do + for my original bodybuilding goals. I'm in college (obviously). And its a division 1 team. I'm pretty damn good, but get tossed around alot since some of these guys are 6'5 300+. Therefore i wanna put on 30lbs this year, and eventually get to 230lb.


Thank you, and solid first post.

and to the guy saying i want everything done for me, your just plain ridiculous. Whos gonna be injecting me? Board members? whos gonna be buying the gear? Whos gonna be doing the actual routine? And then you state the most ridiculous thing of all by saying you approve of steroids for bb and not for sports. Your logic escapes us all. Youv made a fool out of yourself by trying to chastise a guy with low post count, now leave. k?


I've made a fool out of myself? I still don't see how. You want to take another kid's starting spot by using drugs. You say you get tossed around but you are still "really good". There are two types of BB, naturals and users. They have separate competitions for the two because they know they are in a different league. Do they have a "steroid division" and a "natural division" in football? No, they don't. Therefore, you are cheating by gaining a competitive advantage over others using drugs.

edit: didn't read the part about the "doing it all". The point is, no one is going to just MAKE a cycle for you, or make your routine. The way it works is that you have to make them yourself, then come here for approval.


which low post count, your own, or the second persona you adopted?


Steroids: illegal and banned in the sport you claim to want to play


You: guy who wants to use anyway, get caught and make them crack down even more on rec users


Us not helping: people that won't help you until you stop acting like a child who doesn't get what he wants

at 23 if you had even the slightest chance of playing, you would already be a starter. the only way i could see you justifiably using steroids is if a professional career is on the line. i'm going on a limb here and assuming it isn't.

i have worked with many smaller young football players, and get asked about steroids all the time, but never has the focus been on obtaining a ludicrous amount of mass (more often, "i won't get so big it'll slow me down, right?"), rather on performance which is what decides whether you play or not.

any 300 lb lineman will be able to throw you whether you are 180 or 230, how are you so slow that they can even get a hand on you? my guess is your weight goal comes from body dysmorphia (i have personal and professional experience with this, not talking out my ass).

nobody here wants to shoot you down or keep you from achieving. however, most of us have been around the block for a while and we can see a disaster waiting to happen a mile away. and we want no part of that.

most if not all of your goals could be reachable without the sauce. even if you choose to use (we don't question the choice, just the approach), you need to show us that you have made extreme efforts to modifiy your dietary behavior and are constantly working in the gym to become a better athlete, ie: dynamic warmup, mobility drills, movement training, energy systems work, etc.


I couldn't agree more with you Joey. As a former Minor League ballplayer and D1 pitcher, I have witnessed every shortcut to success you can imagine....including rampant steroid use. While I never used anything while playing, I strongly believe that educated steroid use outside of the athletic arena can be very benefitial with minimal deleterious effects if the user does the necessary research and takes the necessary precautions.

One can certainly argue that they are compelled to use steroids to "level the playing field", however I find the comparison between athletic use and bodybuilding/recreational training laughable at best, especially when considering the college level of competition.

When they start offering scholarships to institutions of higher learning to bodybuilders and recreational lifters, then this comparison may be valid. As this is not likely to be the case anytime soon, it's comparing apples to oranges.

The "hard" work of obtaining the gear and actually performing the training regimen in my opinion are not only the least challenging aspects of the entire process, but quite honestly the most fun (the workout regimen at least) Researching, understanding, and becoming more educated in the areas of athletic training, nutrition, supplements, steroids, etc. are the fundamental tasks that any potential user needs devote themselves to.

Asking someone else to do this work for you is pretty foolish. If you "don't have the time" to learn about what you are doing, it's a pretty good sign that you shouldn't be doing it. Unfortunatly, not everyone follows this logic and the resultant adverse outcomes are the ammunition that the media and uneducated public use to demonize and exaggerate the negative outcomes associated with steroid use.