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Gear Effects...Worth It?

Hey, I just wanted to know what people thought about the effects of gear, more of the physical ones, not necessarily gyno.

I mean more like acne, stretch marks, etc. For instance, on my first cycle, I had big stretch marks, because I gained that much, but got very little acne. I personally like the stretch marks, b/c they remind me of my first cycle, and how I met my true love(gear).

What about you guys?

The only drug that gives me alot of problems is Tren. I’m naturally a heavy sweater, a heavier sweater on gear, and I sweat like a 500lb while on tren. It also just makes me feel kinda, bleh.

Other then that, the only real problem I have is the dreaded bacne. I also get some on the chest, but not too bad. I find that a few days on the beach clears it up pretty good. Being a fairly muscular guy before gear, stretch marks aren’t a huge issue for me. And the ones I do have don’t bother me much.

It would be nice to have very clear skin again, and sweat less, but all and all…worth it. =)

Worth It? In a word, yes.
Do I get severe Deca Dick? No, but there is a decrease especially this cycle.
Do I get some/a few zits on my torso? Yes, here and there not too bad and thank goodness none on my pretty little face.

The goods far and away out weigh the bads.