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Gear Delivered to Wrong Address


I'm pretty sure what to do ... or in that case, what not to do... but I'd like your input.. for the fun of it.

Low value package of gear (<300$) was delivered to wrong adress... yeah, I know, it sucks

The source is at fault, but it's all good

Now .. it's been delivered to a complete stranger's door.. and I know which one. It's a 10min drive from my place.

Would you risk going there to ask 'bout the delivery? Bear in mind I'm in Canada, so the law is not as strict as the states. Possession for personal use is not illegal up here.

For that amount of cash, I personnaly don't feel like risking it... don't need the trouble that might come with it...

But what's your thought? I have to admit, it makes me grin devilshly thinking it's so close, yet so far .. ; )


Why not pick it up? Unless it seems like the stranger is a law-enforcement officer, I don't see what the big deal is. If you're lucky, the housewife will answer the door and she probably won't even know what the fuck that is...

Just my two cents, do what you gotta do!


I personally would not. For all you know they have already reported it to the police. You may get lucky and have no issues but considering its only a few hundred dollars its not worth the risk IMO. They may not open it and will just return to the sender.


Does it have your name on it? They may try to return it to you if your address is listed. Some people may not even have opened the package.


my name is on it... I'm just not too sure it's worth the risk... especially if they opened it!

like it said, it 200-300$ worth the aggravation? ... I'm on the fence on this..


I'd ask the source to reship it. Like you said, it's a relatively small value order and it was the source's fault, so assuming you've got a halfway decent source he should make things right.


Leave it.


Leave it for sure. Its not worth the risk. And you are correct about it not being illegal to have a small amount here for personal use here in Canada. However its the importation charge that you could be brought up on that you need to worry about.

Posession is not the issue, its the import/export or sale/purchase that you will be brought up on charges.


Burn there house down so it won't be shipped to that address again.

Just my 2 cents.....lol


thanks for the input