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Gear Arrived Already, What To Do?


What shall i do? My gear arrived today after only 4 days from ordering! I meant to wait, but cant... uugrhrhg!! its too hard!!

I miss the days when it took 3.5 years from date of payment..

It is all here, 40ml Cyp, 20ml Eq, 90ml Letro and i got some of that viagra sister drug.. um.. begins with an 's' i think, or a 'c'! CIALIS! thats it. Plus a little Tamox and some Proviron which i will add to in a few weeks.

Anyone used that Cialis? whats it like? i took a viagra once, but it stuck in my throat - i had a stiff neck for hours.

Seiously though, i took a viagra once, i shared it with my then G/F, (most beautiful girl i have ever met) we sat in bed 'waiting'.. we both got flushed in the face and our hearts started pounding so we watched tv and went to sleep! lol! i got it months before i took it though, and it was in exchange for a couple lines of posh.

ANYWAY.... i digress.. i bet you lot never read my posts, i know i dont.

So all my gear came.. i wanna use it..! shall i?!



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Why are you waiting?

I have found it impossible to wait on days I'm supposed to pin - I do it immediately. When I got my first gear I left work early to do it - but then again, I'm kind of a freak.

Cialis rocks, by the way. No flushed face, just at attention and ready to go all day long...LittleRunt


I only came off 4 weeks ago and finished my (mini- a different story) taper this week..! lol!



If you start, JJ, I'll start..........

I know, I'm tha devil......LOL

What were you waiting on?


wow! glad i invested.. gonna try this batch then order a decent amount if i like it... lucky girls.. and i suppose the wife too.

GOD! i am so fucking horny these days, i feel like ... uuurrrgghhhh.. damn.

if i use now, i wouldnt really have had a break.. but what the hell right?


Jesus! she looks just like my last bird! it is uncanny, she has better body, but the face and hair is real similar!

Shit.. best fuck i ever had. no shit.


It's almost time to change her out. But she's so easy on the eyes....


I got a script for cialis. Best stuff on the planet. Works without question everytime. Take it in the morning and for me in 2 hours I am good to go for 36 with a half thought of sex. Then with a full erection it takes me 20 mins for the wood to go away. Unless I blew my load then it takes half a min. Then after 10-20 mins I am good to go again.

The only bad part is the head ache's. Wow ..advil takes it away but damn they hurt sometimes.


DB, i dont understand, with an erection it lasts 20mins if just sitting down reading, or during sex, or after blowing yer beans?

And then if you do blow yer beens, it takes you less time to recover? 1/2 a minute? then another 10-20mins?


i wanna know, should i "just do it"? RE: cycle?



Eager shit like this why I am starting to question my logic of acquiring supplies long before my intended cycle start date. Invariably the actual start of my cycle gets moved forward in direct proportion to how weak I felt at the gym and how good the shit sitting in my cupboard is.

It's almost like when I was young and I would buy cocaine with the intent of doing it the next day. Somehow it never seemed to work that way.


tell me about it.. i was ALWAYS a 'blow all your gear for the weekend, in 1 night' kinda guy...

I always woke up at 4am to open the stocking at the end of my bed as a little runt too...

And when licking a girl out i often go straight for the clit...

Wonder if they're all connected...?

blow my gear into a girl in stockings maybe..



solid plan!

i feel your pain, i have a whole mess of "sups" being collected for my following couple cycles. its kinda like being 5 years old on dec.1 waiting for xmas..... but better.


I got the same dilemma jj ...got it all here around 700 ml testo and 200 eq....its calling me right now


Meant 70 and 20 brain fart


I was thinking of acquiring another 10 ml eq.

interested in hearing how you decide to dose and run your 20ml

whats your eq dosed @ 200mg/ml ?


Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna share?


Lol... the whole thread touched my heart and had me flustered

its still calling me?

know what i mean


Lol! OK.. (ya 200mg/ml)

i am going for 400mg over 10 weeks - if during that period i get money to buy more i will to make it a minimum of 12 weeks..

The thinking. 300ml ISNT ENOUGH IMO even over 12 weeks, all i would get is hunger, and i am not bothered about that as eating enough isnt a problem usually.

So even if i do 10 weeks and it kicks in at week 6-7, thats 3-4 weeks of max growth.. with deca i used to run 8 weekser and get good results from it when it kicks in at week 4-5 normally - then my cyp cycle last time was - wait for it... 7 weeks long. I GAINED off that.. But different drug i understand, but that was 2 weeks of max gains, but obviously i gained some before week 5 (Saps, in retrospect you are right IMO)

So.. 400mg for 10 weeks IMO will be better than a low dose for 12.. maybe you should do 12 weeks so we can compare..

I may start a thread... i never logged it before and can imagine getting bored of it!



Hang - why donrt you start now then? have you just come off?