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Gear and 'Natty' Competitions


Hey all, just got done with my first BB competition in Indy this past weekend. It was polygraph tested and the overall winners had to take an urinalysis test. I have never used anything so just read through the list of banned substances well enough that I could honestly answer the question that I had indeed read through the list of banned substances, but later on I noticed in the fine print that you can have used legitimate gear, just not within the past 7 years, or Prohormones but not within the past 2 years.

I am just curious as to what you guys feel are the issues, if any, with this? I have never used anything so I have know idea if a cycle of T 7 years ago, or some Epistane 2 years ago would make any difference on someone's physique now. Just wanted to turn it into an open discussion,



I'm sorry...what exactly is your question?


This is where we let natural selection run its course


There was another thread about this going in which the definition of natural was lame because there is a certain amount of size that once gained while using exogenous testosterone (or other anabolics), would never fully dissipate and you would no longer be truly a natural athlete.

I'm not sure if this is true though; if you did a cycle gained 25 pounds and then sat around doing absolutely nothing for 7 years, you'd lose all that size (and more) and be back to ground zero. However, if you did a couple cycles which pushed you to and beyond your natural limit, then continued training hard and eating big, I think there would be some residual size left over that an always natural competitor might not have.


Oh sorry, I was just surprised by the fine print, but then when I got to thinking I wasn't sure whether it was actually an issue at all. So I figured I would get opinions from those who are more experienced as far as AAS use as to whether AAS use that far in the past would make a differencem or whether it was simply more of a moral issue.

There wasn't really a specific question, more just wanted to turn it into a broad discussion.


Steroids modify gene expression, bone structure, etc.

Once you join the dark side your not a natural.

Natural means NATURAL, you and only you.

PH's, gear, anything, at any time means your not natural.

You can hold steroid size and strength pretty much forever as long as its not too far past your upper limits.

Reaching those limits on your own would take FAR longer.

Hell you can hold far above your limits for a very long period of time as long as you are committed.


This is why I was taken by surprise when I read the fine print, I was always under the assumption that natural or tested competitions meant lifetime natural.


In some federations, at least in powerlifting, this is the case. Though unfortunately there is no way to really prove lifetime naturalness, so its bsaically just the honor system.


I am very much of the belief that most of the top naturals used gear, or currently use gear in the off seasons, just sticking to light cycles and simple compounds.

GH does wonders and is not testable for in the slightest.


Natural bodybuilding is a competition and as in any other form of competition people will try to be better than the others. Sometimes your best will not be enough.

Cycling is the most tested sport (due to all the scandals) and still some test positive.

I do not believe ALL natural bodybuilders are "natural". Some will use small amounts of steroids to e.g. maintain mass during cuts etc.


"Natural" bodybuilding is the "figure" of male competitions.

Still use drugs, just use more normal amounts and shoot for symmetry instead of mass.

Figure girls still use plenty of drugs, including steroids, they just are trying to achieve a more natural look.

They should create an official classification for male figure or simply bring the standards for IFBB back into the realm of reality.


So are you saying that you believe that many natural bodybuilders actually are indeed not natural?


I've had more than one competing bodybuilder tell me that natural competitions are for the steroid users that don't respond well to the drugs.


Hmm, that is very interesting, I don't believe I have ever heard that one before.


...I'm sure it's not the majority of competitors, but you'd be surprised at how undeveloped some AAS-users can be. Some people just aren't cut out for this sport.