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Gear and Nandrosol

Would there be any advantage to stacking Nandrosol with 25mg of dbol per day for a two week cycle?


try a search and youll find your answer. in short, no, its not a good idea at all. both are class II compounds

Is stacking dbol with Androsol a waste also?


Both Androsol and D-bol are Class II steroids which, roughly speaking, means they do not have very good androgen receptor (AR) affinity. You would be far better off (better gains for your buck) if you stacked Androsol with a Class I, i.e. a drug that DOES have good AR affinity. In this way the two drugs will work synergistically (Brock explained it as 1+1=3). An example of a good Class I to use with Androsol is Primobolan Depot - read “Steroids For Health” and “The Steroid Summit Parts I and II” in the back issues.