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Gear and Aromatization

reading about the prpoerties of many gears i found that some compound can aromatize other doesn’t

so, if i use a non-aromatizing compound i am on the safe side regard to gyno and bloat?

have i well understood that kind of properties?


Not neccessarily. Some compounds won’t aromatize to estrogen, but will convert in itself, or have metabolites that will convert to progesterone receptor agonists. This is a more ugly problem than estrogen. Progesterone receptors are found in breast tissue and (in females) assists prolactin in the formation of milk ducts (which can also happen with men). Progesterone receptor activation will compound the effects of estrogen, so gyno and bloat are still issues. Such is the case with something like deca or tren.

Another possibility, most specifically with anadrol, is that the compound won’t convert to estrogen or progesterone, but will directly activate the estrogen receptor itself. In this case, bloat and gyno can be evident. So the moral of the story (in my opinion) is that if you want to look for steroids that won’t aromatize or aren’t progestins, you may be limited in your choices or availability. And usually these steroids are weak and won’t give you big gains.

So stay away from progestenic steroids because they are harder control sides. Stick with aromatizing or mildly aromatizing steroids because there are a lot of options when combating estrogen sides. There are anti-estrogens and aromataze inhibitors, which work well with eliminating estrogen sides.