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Gear Affecting Natural T Levels?

I tend to have naturally higher Test levels, as I can put on muscle fairly easily naturally, and I was wondering if this could play a role in promoting T levels in the future. I took a cycle about 2 years ago of Test E, and I seem to be in the same shape I was during that cycle, if not even better today.

So this leads me to a couple of questions…

  1. Does taking steroids, such as Test E affect natural levels post cycle?
  2. With taking steroids, is it a permanent effect in terms of affecting muscle tissue and its growth after the cycle?

taking any type of exogenous hormones will cause your pituary gland to stop sending the signal to your testicles to produce testosterone. Many people find after their first cycle their natural levels are higher due to increase LH/FSH being produced as a result of pct. This is usually only the case with first cycle. you could also just have good genetics/diet/workout routine that it allows your muscles to build. To my knowledge steroids do not make protein synthesis permanently increase In muscles, they do however at extreme physiological dosages reduce androgen receptors in cells, lessening the anabolic affect of steroids thus the need for larger amounts of steroids

From my understanding your levels may go back to normal, they will not increase though, decrease if anything. I do know that your ability to put on muscle will improve a little, something to do with the nitrogen levels in your muscle stay increased even after you stop cycling ( muscle memory) sorry I don’t remember the exact scientific terminology.

This is interesting, I have only ever done one cycle, and my natural levels are higher. If i were to do the same cycle, 500 mg of test / w, would I just return back to my normal baseline, or would it become lower with each cycle?

I don’t think there are many qualified people here to answer that deep of a question with the exception of a few. The one opinion I would count on would be @physioLojik who is an Endo. I am sure he has seen enough cases professionally and personally to answer that.

Testosterone levels are only one factor when it comes to muscle gain. The others are many, including myostatin, insulin sensitivity, androgen sensitivity, GH, etc and these are just the very basic ones. A single cycle has zero permanent effects on your endocrine system. Even if someone comes off cold turkey their body will eventually regain its natural production.

Do myostatin inhibitors actually work?

Would doing a cycle (500 mg test) once a year have any real permanent effects on the body? I ask this because I plan to stick to just test forever, or even adding a single compound.