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GBC-routine during cutting-phase

My muscles are extremely sore a day after performed GBC day1:.So I wont be able to to perform day2 routine next day or the day after.Maybe I can do only 2-3x per week.
Is this enough?

Does anybody else got the same problem?
Are my cals too low? 2400cals and I even slow metabolism and I weigh 183lbs. I take 1-2g vitamin-c per day.

Poliquin would tell you to use at least 10 grams of Vit. C a day, although that probably won’t improve matters much. I think that 3X week is good for the GBC workout, but make sure you are getting proper post-workout nutrition. Not sure if your calories are too low but would be willing to bet that the timing of your food intake is off as well. Do not forget that this is a physically and neurologically demanding program and that you are not going to get off easy. You might want to incorporate the Ian King philosophy in that the first week on the GBC you should do weights that are below what you would normally do. The second week increase your weights to the point where they are equal with what you are used to doing. Finally in the third week shoot for personal bests by increasing the weight even further. In addition, how much stretching did you do before, during, or after the workout? Try taking a cold shower after your workout, using the coldest water that you can stand (but do not freeze yourself). Many strength coaches believe that this process can aid in reversing muscle breakdown and catabolism. If you do or are doing all of these things and still feel drained you are probably overtrained, not getting enough calories, or both.

I was at a fat loss seminar in NY that Poliquin had. He said that training 4x week is better than 3 and makes all the difference in the world. Someone also questioned if a client were really sore if they are overtrained, and he simply said no. He also said to work through the extreme soreness and when a client would complain and said it hurts, he would say, “yes, it does”. Also recommended laying on your back on the floor with your legs up on a chair for 5 min after a workout to cool down.

I was at the same seminar as Pete, I personally used the recommendations, after the first week or two the extreme sorness will subside…It is totally normal…

I think for the majority 3x/week is more than sufficient provided your diet is where it needs to be. I think many would falter on 4x/week of strict GBC unless you had supplements galore (like all the ones Coach P. recommends) and didn’t have a full-time job, etc. I’ve done 3x/week with no cardio, a cyclic keto diet (6 day low carb/1day carb up) and I take a standard MRP post-workout a la T-Dawg as well as a good thermogenic. If your metabolism is slow you might be just a tad high in calories (I use 12x bw) but try what you have for at least a week and see how you do.

Thanks for the feedback fellow maggers!!