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GBC - Building Workout

Hello guys,

So I’ve been on a PPL routine for some time now to regain strength after months of bodyweight training.
I’m looking at building a GBC routine (4/week) and I was wondering if you guys would rather recommend an antagonist split (chest+back / quads+hammies) or an anterior/posterior split (back+hammies / chest+quads).
Plus a day for delts and arms.

Here’s a sample for a posterior/anterior split with reps in the 10-15 range
A1 - Hip Thrust
A2 - Chin Ups
B1 - Squat
B2 - Barbell Row
C1 - Leg Curl on Ball
C2 - Dumbell Row

A1 - Dumbbell Press
A2 - Split Squat
B1 - Incline Press
B2 - Leg Press
C1 - Dips
C2 - Leg Extension

What do you guys think?
Thanks for the help!

It probably won’t matter, provided you can manage and mitigate low-back fatigue on the posterior-anterior split. For example,

For sets of 10-15 would fuck me up, but

A1: Hip thrust
A2: Barbell Row
B1: Squats
B2: Chin-ups

Would be easier to tolerate

Also, why are squats on your hammie day? Squats are woefully poor hamstring builders.

Thanks for the reply! And true, I felt it yesterday during the workout. While not in pain, it was getting uncomfortable and I’ll make the suggested switch, it’ll work better.

I actually do a lower bar squat to target more of my posterior chain, after the hip thrust, I really feel it in my glutes when squating. I also got a front squat later on for the quads though I may do a bar hack squat instead. I’ll see.