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GBC and twice-a-day

Has anyone tried (or considered trying) poliquin’s german body comp workout while training twice a day??

im wondering how i can manipulate the volume and frequency so as to avoid overtraining…

any suggestions?? thanks

Twice a day German Body Comp workouts??? Have you ever done German Body Comp? If you have and stuck to the training protocol you would be unable to do two workouts of this fashion, unless maybe you have a hefty intake of “Vitamin S.” Especially if you combine it with a low carb approach. If I’m not mistaken, in the event that you do twice a day workouts you are supposed to do different rep brackets at each workout. I suppose there is a time and a place for 2x/day training but if at all suitable, and I’m saying “if” mind you, it would work better in a mass phase than a cut phase as you are in a semi-catabolic state with lower calories. Try once a day first if you haven’t already, it’s worked just fine for me. It’s sure nice not to do all that “walking to nowhere” (i.e. treadmill).