GBC 4X/Week frequency

I’ve been doing Poliquin’s German Body Comp in a 3x/week format. Worked very well but I’m in a bit of a plateau and I’m down to the last week or two of my diet. I’m thinking about switching to the intermediate 4x/week split. Have any of you tried the 4x/week? Someone said on here previously that in a seminar Poliquin stressed that 4x/week was critical. FWIW, I am doing a cyclic keto diet with a 24 hr. carb-up and I also consume Grow after workouts on low-carb days. I’m on virtually every supp. in the book (glutamine, antioxidants, MSM, whey, flax, etc) so my recovery has been very good, plus I try to get a deep tissue massage every couple of weeks. Got my ab skinfold down to 7, would like to go to 5. Done it previously but I had to drop quite a bit of weight. Thanks for any help!

Teddy…where did you get the GBC workouts, from the sample workouts in a “bowlfull of jelly”, or Manly weight loss…?? Is this book worth buying.???

I bought the book. It is ok if you have $20 bucks to blow on nothing else. I have not read it but I have started the workouts and my legs have never been so sore in my life.

I have the book, and there are three beginner splits (3x/week), two int. splits (4x/week), and 1 or 2 advanced (5x/week, can’t even imagine this w/o anabolic “helpers”). The book is overrated, and it’s blatantly obvious that Coach P. had some type of endorsement deal w. SportPharma as there were some rather silly supplement recommendations. The Bowlful of Jelly article is more than enough info on how to set up a plan.

Yeah teddykgb, that 5x/wk seems like overkill to me too. I’ve had very good results using the 3x/wk workouts from Manly Weight Loss. But like the Poliquin Principles, this book also has lots of editing errors, some in crucial parts of the workouts. And I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but gimme a break. The guy on the cover is wearing skimpy blue and orange striped spandex underwear and looks like he’s straight outta GYM magazine. It looks hilarious with the title “MANLY WEIGHT LOSS” across the top.