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My treadmill is on the frits! I used to que up some South Park of Seinfeld and do some HIIT or just Running while watching them (its a good 22 minute limit). My treadmill is ancient and starting to go crazy (speeding up...slowing down...shutting off) and I don't really feel safe on it anymore.

Does anyone have a Gazelle? I know a friend that doesn't really use theirs and I could probably get one for cheap. I've been on it and its a really smooth ride, but I don't know about the intensity. Any reviews?


You have got to be joking.

At least I hope you're joking!


Not really. I watch some TV late at night and hate the fact I'm just sitting on the couch. To remedy that I took a treadmill off of a buddy and now that doesnt work. My other friend has one of these and I was just wandering how they worked from experience on the board.

I suppose I could always jump rope, that tends to kill my joints after 5 minutes or so.


I Got great news!!

" I JUST saved a Bunch of money by switching to Geicko"


I can't imagine it's an incredible workout, but I'm sure it's decent. I mean, I think any full body movement that can be done with varied intensity can serve as cardio. I don't see why not, especially if you can get it for cheap.

Watching TV on the Gazelle > Watching TV on the couch.


I highly DON'T recommend getting the gazelle. I got it and when I tried it, there was almost no resistance at all except for the pistons that add resistance for some cheesy added exercices, but that was too much resistance for a cardio machine (even for sprint intervals).

It was even difficult to break a sweat on it.

I'd just go with a new treadmill.


I got one, it's easy on your knees and it's alright for steady state but impossible for getting your bpm up to HIIT levels. Also it started squeaking and leaking WD-40 on the carpet. I guess Tony didn't expect anyone to use it longer than two weeks.


Why don't you just free squat during the commercial breaks using different stances etc... Do split squats and jump lunges. Take some Glucosamine MSM type supplements for those joints and add fish oil.

You gotta be kidding about the Gazelle!


I got one of those mini jogging trampolines for Christmas. It was like $30. The package said that the weight limit was 220 (100 kg). I'm 240 and it's held up just fine. Fun as hell. Can also be used for some plyometric stuff.


The only reason the Gazelle crossed my mine is because it could potentially be VERY cheap, or even FREE! I kinda just run around my room while the TV is on right now, which gets a little annoying.


Unfortuntaley, I used to own one (and a six-second Abs, and a Bowflex...yeah yeah I know).

The Gazelle sucks. You would truly get a better workout by holding onto a pair of Dip handles and just swinging your legs as fast as you can (you'd look equally stupid, by the way). I gave mine away (yep - someone took it :).

Technically, the Gazelle I owned was of an early design with no resistance - maybe the ones with resistance are better, but I strongly doubt it. It creaked and groaned. It was also not big enough for me (and I'm only 5'10"). The built-in HR monitor was not even funny. On the plus side, I believe the supplied water bottle was OK though...

Get a skipping rope, or do Tabata bodyweight squats or a million other things.


For sale (still): six-second Abs and a Bowflex...


terrible machine... weren't there studies that showed the gazelle as being dangerous?


Funny I get a great workout on my bowflex. I guess it depends on how intensely you use your equipment. It fits nicely in the garage which makes it a great home workout system.

The gazelle, hey if its free try it, otherwise...look in the classifieds you can probably get a treadmill for cheap.

Good luck


Does t.v. really mean that much to you? That's scary man.


If you can get it free (or dirt cheap) go for it.

If you don't like it, you should be able to find someone to buy it at least. Check ebay and see if they're getting bids on them or not.