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Gaz & Helen's Results

Two of our Club members lifted at the BDFPA British Championships the other weekend (15th & 16th April 2006.

Gary Fisher, lifted in the equipped @ 74.4kg Bwt. Over 40 yrs old:
SQ.=200kg (still had some left, he was good for 210 I think!)
BP=120kg (no bench shirt)
DL=210kg (tried and pulled a 230kg, red lighted for hitching)
Total=530kg WINNER (M1 class) 4th in the Open.

Helen Isaac, lifted in the unequipped @ 58.5kg Bwt. Open class:
SQ=90kg (missed a 95kg attempt)
BP=67.5kg British Record!
Total= 305kg (not sure of the record status?)
Helen is currently adressing muscle imbalance issues and working on form. To make these lifts more amazing (to me at least) the SQ and DL records were done without the use of a belt of any kind!

Congrats to both!!!

Unfortunately I could only attend the Saturday lifts (Equipped) so missed Helens outstanding lifts.
Attached a pic. of the 210kg DL of Gary.

Note to self:
Read the instructions!

Hopefully the pic will attach now its small enough.

here’s another.

And Gary with Trophy.

Wow it looks like you guys have a great set up over there!!

I hope you’re coming over to Ireland in November!

which club is this mate?

Looks like some strong lifts!!

well done to all.

Massive congrats to Helen and Gaz!

My girlfriend is co-owner of Highgate Gym with Helen and I roomed with Gaz at last year’s British Champs.

Roll on the Worlds in Ireland, hope to make it to spectate.

The our club is the Lancaster Powerlifting Club; based at Lancaster Uni. We mainly lift on Tuesday pm, Thursday pm, and Sat or Sun.


I’m sure Helen will be there in Ireland, Gaz might be doing his Grand Tour of Europe (maybe).