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Gays in the Military


He's got a point.


I NEVER saw anything that resembled a point. I saw a comedian trying to make light of a topic related to the country where he lives. I'm willing to bet he would be a chicken shit in a fox hole. Could be wrong, yet I doubt it shrug


Yeah, no surprises there.


But that wasn't even funny. At all.


Damn gays ruining everything.


Obama met with 300 veterans yesterday to push for ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It will happen, eventually. Hopefully sooner than later but who knows?

You'd think if someone was willing to put their life on the line for their country, that might be a tad more important than who is waiting for them when they return home from their call of duty.


If enrollment is down it makes sense. And since when does being gay make you a coward in a foxhole.

I'm not in the military and have never been through training but would it really makes you a shitty troop? One more generation of homophobes to get through and it won't be a problem...maybe.


I don't think joining the Military is stupid. This cock-lick can say what he wants because of the military. Military is a noble calling and I respect and appreciate anybody who makes that decision. I don't give a shit if there are gays in the military.
I did like the ban though for this reason; if I were to get drafted, in my well spent youth, I would have told them I am gayer than a football-bat. I would have expounded on how much I'd love being in a barracks full of sweaty young men.


Gays in the military? Of course there are . . why do you think they have "joysticks" and "cockpits" . . oh wait - was that racist? I just couldn't help myself . . .

Honestly though - I do respects all of our military people and hope that didn't offend anyone. My very sincerest apologies to all of the wonderful and awesome pilots!


What is the problem with don't ask, don't tell? Is it the fact that it is believed that if you run around the barracks yelling I am gay the others will look down upon you? Is it that it keeps you in the closet longer causing mental issues? I guess I can not understand this because I am not gay.


People who are paid to kill are not assassins?

And let's not pretend that what they do is called "policing". They are assassins.


One who murders by surprise attack, especially one who carries out a plot to kill a prominent person. Being paid is not a qualifier of an assassin. The first assassins were muslims who killed Leaders and Generals of their enemies (mainly Christians) - there can be an ideological basis for the assassin's deed without pay. Thus your comparative - while understandable - is not accurate.

An assassin is a specific type of killer. A soldier is another type of killer altogether.


No an assassin is one who is hired to kill a specific person. A soldier may or may not be called upon to do that. The people in the medical tent are soldier but they don't kill anyone.

I am all for winning conflict with out killing. So when you figure out how to fight a war with out killing the enemy, let me know. Maybe we can hold a Yu-Gi-Oh! competition, that 'Blue-eyes, White dragon ought teach them mean folks not to mess with us! Don't even make me get out the Egyptian-god cards. That will leave the ol' taliban quivering in their boots.


So the soldiers helping with the Haitian relief are killers? Weird. I guess putting them out of their misery is as good and giving them relief from it.


I guess I'm in the minority because I thought the clip was pretty funny.


Why do relief workers need to wear uniforms and carry weapons?



I see that some people don't like the clip. You might appreciate some of the other political stuff he's done though.


Well seeing as how their is a lot of looting and all kinds of unsavory shit going on, part of getting relief to victims is providing a safe environment. Uniforms tell these assholes that these people are allowed to shoot them if they get out of line. Keeping the peace is part of the process. There is no shortage of criminals in Haiti.


Do you actually believe the stuff you write?

Would you feel safe if armed Chinese soldiers were delivering aid to the US?

The empire is crumbling and I am having fun watching it.


To call us an empire is flat out absurd unless our mighty empire is one consisting of a bunch of pissant pacific islands.

Even if you believe that there's some sort of star chamber cabal running around telling other countries what to do or if you believe that we shouldn't be in any of several dozen countries, we're generally asked to be there. To call that empire building is just untrue.

That said, since you're enjoying watching the empire crumble, what do you plan to do when it does?