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Gay Test. Seriously.


Keep staring. When you see it, you'll know.


Aw shit. This is how I had to find out. Thanks a lot douche ;(


I saw the dancing people at first but I saw the "straight" image about 5 seconds later. I guess I'm bisexual?




What dancing people...all i see are titties


i just thought they were fighting


it's two people holding up massive tits atlas style, what do I win?


...I saw tits first. Didn't notice the two people dancing till I read the text, though I probably would've eventually.

On the other hand I went into it expecting something perverted so...


Shoot, I saw two people first (but not dancing), then I saw two satellite dishes with different bases, then I read the posts, then I saw the boobs.

This is a bad thing


Seriously I cant see any boobs wtf all i see the people dancing


Oh man I saw titties right away, thank Buddha! wipes sweat from forehead






I see one guy blowing another guy and reeeally liking it. What does that make me?

Seriously, I did see people dancing. I'm screwed.


<----these are better


I see the boobs ^


I saw boobs. What do I win?


damn, all I see is some dude suckin me off. What does that mean?


Me and my boyfriend saw tits.



x2 :confused: