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Gay T-Maggers

I have been reading T-Mag since late 2000 and I have been following everything on the T-Mag Forum since it started.

I find it rather interesting that generally on the bodybuilding forums I visit nobody mentions gay people who care about their bodies, train etc. It seems that bodybuilding is reserved exclusively for heterosexuals and I think it obviously is not so and large part of bodybuilding community are gays and bisexuals.

The only reference to gay people I notice from time to time is bashing and derogatory insinuations.

So, how many gay T-Maggers we have here and how come they did not raise their voice so far? I guess this is a great opportunity to use other nicks if you participate in the Forum using your “real” nick and do not want to get out of the closet yet. :wink:

It is not important, but just to make it clear, I am as hetero as somebody can be. :wink:

So you’re not a closet heterosexual? You’ve come out? That’s good I guess. I’m an ‘out of the closet’ hetero too I guess, but what’s the difference?

The question is Axy if you are heterosexual, why do you want to know if there are homosexuals that read this board? And if there are their opinions less valuable because of it? No.

No, Unger, that is not the question, you just say that it is. It is rather simple why I asked this. People on this forum generally think about themselves very highly, they like to think they are very open minded. There is even a new term for this pattern of behaviour - you know - T-this, T-that. So, is a gay person allowed to be T-something too or is it reserved just for heterosexuals, because you see a certain pattern here, you know, fast cars, bikes, good job, good looks, lots of women, steroids, health improvemenet… so, do gay people, male or female, fit in the T-description or not?

Why people tend to twist other people’s views and reply with meaningless counter-questions?

No, I am out-of-the-drawer heterosexual. :wink:

I’ve been on this board for over a year and I’ve seen a few ‘gay’ posts (not many though). I don’t have a problem with gays personally. I’ve worked with them (both male and female) no problem. Never been hit on by any gay men that knew me. Gay women (dikes anyway) are pretty funny to talk to. You get to see how they interpret ultra manliness. They almost always display the worst male traits (ie insulting women, etc.). Anyway if someone on this board wants to admit they are gay thats fine. Not necassarily relevant, but fine.

No, no, no Axy. You have now twisted what I said into something different. But anyhow to answer your question that you posed in your last post. I’m not a big fan of the T-man, t-whatever usage. To me it shouldn’t matter if you’re gay when it comes to lifting, therefore you could be gay and a “T-Man.” I would consider most professional athletes “T-Men (if we want to use that word)” and chances are there are homosexuals that play professional sports.

Axy, they all hang out at www.T-fag.com.

Yeth I’m gayth. Thorry if thith is hard to readth because of my lithp.

I want to bring up another funny thing about fags and lezbos. I really don’t care on way or the other “do whatcha like” is my motto. BUT. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that no matter the relationship, nothing is needed more than the DICK. Seriously. Fags want dick from each other and lezbos bang each other with dildos. Everybody needs dick and the heterosexual man is the only one blessed with one. I’m out. “Respect the Cock”

Mr. Mackey I disagree (mmm-kay). Most homosexuals use male/female role playing. Lesbian ‘male’ role players tend to not want to be penetrated during sex. They envision themselves as hetro males. So the Holy Dick theory may not hold up here. Just an opinion though.

I agree with TJ. Respect the cock … especially the big ones.

i did not know that gay men do not have dicks. yo avoids, chill out. And before you say “its just a joke”, joking is not an excuse to be stupid.

But u gotta admit that was pretty funny and witty by Roids.

You don’t see many posts mentioning whether someone who lifts weights likes cats, or likes dogs; or is blonde or dark-haired; or is tanned or prefers to avoid the sun; or is Baptist or Episcopalian, etc. Because none of those have anything to do with lifting weights. Not relevant at all, so it doesn’t come up.

Whether someone is gay or not really is not likely to affect their training philosophies or methods, their nutrition, or anything else that would be likely to be discussed on the Forum. It seems to me the topic just naturally doesn’t come up often in on-topic posts, since it is irrelevant. It does sometimes get mentioned in off-topic posts where it can be relevant.

For example, there’s one colleague I’ve corresponded with often, usually discussing
weights, steroids, etc. Perhaps in only one e-mail in 50 or 100 would it be obvious he’s gay. Not because he’s hiding it or because he thinks I would prefer not to hear what he has to say, but just because it doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation.

Just as a conversation about weights need not mention heterosexual matters either.

A little sensitive today eh? BTW, don’t ever accuse me of joking again!!! Stupid, yes that’s okay. But not joking!