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Gay Penguins


This is hilarious.


German zoo fails to make gay penguins straight

8 February 2006

BREMERHAVEN, GERMANY - Shy Swedish female penguins sent to seduce "homosexual" male Humboldt penguins in a German zoo have failed to break up any of the male-male twosomes, officials said Wednesday.

Bremerhaven Zoo last year shrugged off attacks from gay-pride groups as far away as the United States last year over its efforts to establish breeding pairs in its penguin pens.

The zoo has far too many male penguins, while Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden has an oversupply of females. The species is in danger of dying out. At Bremerhaven, the birds, which find new mates every year, form all-male pairs and adopt pebbles as if they were eggs.

Last year, officials said the females
had arrived too late for pairing. And this year, the birds arrived in time, but were too shy.

"The Swedes are rather stand-offish," said zoo chief executive Heike Kueck. Once again, four local females were quickly snapped up and the rest of the 22 penguins formed broody male couples and are keeping pebbles warm.

Kueck said the project was not a gag, but part of a European species conservation project. Penguin family planning is difficult, because zoologists have difficulty telling the difference between a male and a female, and zoo broods often become lop-sided.

Last year, homosexual militants bombarded the zoo on Germany's North Sea coast with e-mails and protest letters, charging that it was interfering in the penguins' freedom of sexual orientation.

Kueck rejected this. She said the way penguins pair has nothing to do with personality but is a behavioural oddity of the species whenever females are in short supply.


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What the hell is going on.

I just read Bigragoo studied to be a zoologist (sp?) maybe he could do something about it. Maybe send MJ over there, that'd probably turn them straight reallll quick.


so do these gay penguins plow?


LOL. Gay penguin pride. They will homosexually walk into extinction and the next generation will never know what a German zoo penguin looks like. I will be saddened by this as soon as I stop laughing.


Help me to understand how this would be any different for humans before the advent of artificial insemination? Would not gay humans be walking into extinction as well?


Hum, artificially insiminating a gay penguin...Interesting.

I am not sure these guys come equiped with a uterus.

But I think Prof X was refering to these specific German Zoo penguins.

Personally, I'd prefer seeing Commando Penguins, like the Christmas Caper guys!

''She didn't see nothin'.''


Slow on the uptake.


I was. But then, this is Lorisco we are talking about so the arguments will not make sense and will last forever. To my knowledge, humans are not extinct and neither are all penguins. My friend had a gay dog once. To my knowledge, dogs still exist.


He does have a point though.

If homosexuality is genetic, how do these genes get passed on to the next generation, since their very nature makes that highly unlikely.

Everyone able to figure that out, would do biologists all over the world a great favor.


There are children born with blue eyes when both parents have brown. how does this happen?! It should be impossible!!!! Oh wait, that is what genetics class was for. Learn more.


Ever know someone with red hair who's parent's didn't have red hair? It's recessive (red hair anyway. and I presume homosexuality as well)


Perhaps these penguins caught the subversive new film "Brokeback Glacier".


Yes, I know he was. But, on other forums he has come out for homosexuality as being ok, cool, normal, whatever PC thing he could think of. So I was basically asking why it would extinct the penguins and not humans if we all turned gay. But perhaps is was too deep of a question for this topic and for Pro X.


I think the zoo people just brought them ugly-ass female penguins.


They teach about the mailman in genetics class?


That's chapter one. They don't pull punches.


the recessiveness and the fact that being homosexual hasn't kept men from getting married and having families.


so did that gay dog plow?


Well Lorisco, I'll have to go with Prof X on this one. Simply 'cause I've always had a soft spot for girl on girl action.

So I try to keep and open mind...

Things are just funnier when they involve penguins.

Giggidy, giggidy!


Because humans know extinct is not a verb.

Did you used to be a slutty little Asian chick in Dr. Clark's PSYC101?

It genuinely saddens me that some people can't see the problem with this kind of argument. OOH, a penny!!!