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Gay Mob Attacks Christians


Not expecting to see this get much media play:


Nice to see the gay crowd was being tolerant.

Nothing like consistency, huh?


First of all, I'm inclined to believe there might be a bit of bias in that article, what with the source being "Beliefnet".

Second... doesn't this sort of thing usually go the other way around? I can definitely think of a few instances of religious fanatics attacking the LGBT community, and doing a lot more damage than "touching and grabbing, trying to stick things in their butt". That doesn't get much media coverage, either.


Care to cite some sources? I mean, if Christians physically assaulting gays is so common, surely you can provide something beyond your word to support it.


Somehow, I think it would have gotten more press the other way around.

They also apparently had urine and stuff thrown on them. It also looks like the only reason worse didn't happen is because of police protection.


Hey, wait a minute, your talking about the Gay and Lesbian Society here. The most tolerant and peaceful group in the world. Why in the Sacramento, CA they have a wonderful home right across the street from our State Capital Building. They are wonderful people. The home is so clean and well kept. It is painted in wonderful flamboyant colors, and the people are so nice they spend hours yelling at people who walk by, just trying to share the love. They are so wonderful and peaceful.

I also have some ocean front property in South Dakota to sell if anyone is interested.

They do have a house across the street from the state capital and it is an eye sore. The people hanging out there and I mean literally hanging out, do shout at anyone who has the misfortune of having to walk by. Really a nuisance.


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They were looking for love in all the wrong places


Beliefnet? Mark Shea? Really?

So they go into the Castro in order to proselytise and then complain when people don't like it? Did they not see Die Hard With A Vengeance?


Loving thy neighbors?


What, is it not well with in there rights to walk down a public street?


Yeah they weren't assaulting them they were trying to coax them in the house for a little fun.


I think they are complaining about the violence and having urine tossed on them. I pretty sure they knew the crowd wouldn't like it.


It's within my rights walk around Harlem with a sign that reads "I hate niggers" too. Doesn't mean it's not stupid and provocative.


You just equated singing hymns to what?




Just like any girl that dresses "sexy" is asking to be raped right? Its her own fault and she shouldn't get mad about it.


I'm sure that's all they were doing. Singing hyms. I totally believe the uncited first person account that was not at all caught on camera.



Your comparing dressing attractively to dressing offensively.

If you wear fur to a PETA event, and are surprised when people throw paint on you, yes. It was your fault. And you are an asshole.

If you wear asslesschaps to church and they scream at you, same difference.


No, I'm comparing dressing sexy walking down the street to singing hymns.