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Gay Marriage

Let’s all decide to legislate morality, shall we? But who’s morality are we going to use? Mine? PtDR’s? Hell, let’s go find Shitdisturber… he was one lovely fellow. And you know what we can do if someone doesn’t like the morality we happen to write into law? We can kill them. Yup, because we can’t have that kind of unmoral thought out there running around and spreading itself like a disease. And why stop there? Let’s go and force our morality on other countries. And if they don’t like it, we’ll kill them too! Wow! Doesn’t this sound like fun!

Actually it sounds like the fucking Roman Catholic church in the Dark Ages.

If you want to cut down on gay sex then make gay marriage legal. Ask any married guy about sex after marriage and you’ll see what I mean.

And why stop there? Let’s go and force our morality on other countries. And if they don’t like it, we’ll kill them too! Wow! Doesn’t this sound like fun!

Actually it sounds like the fucking Roman Catholic church in the Dark Ages.

Or the fucking Bush administration.

Funny as hell, Steely.

Even though I come from a bias, Karma is right. No disagreements there. See my first post.

I suspect a couple of previously-hetero-found-out- they-were-homos-and-had-a-bad-divorce- experience-because-of-it lawyers (specialized in divorce and marital matters), finding out their was no clients in the homosexual niche, decided to create the bill (or assembled legal conditions) to allow the blooming of this targeted clientele (like attracts like). Or maybe just still hetero and in political power, but feeling that they will eventually make a coming out, and want to prepare the terrain in their favor.

Isn`t lobbying nice? Create laws, find a problem that comes as a consequence of it, keep your job by further refining laws.

(Note to self: Stop reading those Illuminati books) ;pppp

For anyone who lives in the Ottawa area, a group of ultra-right-wing extremists from Topeka, Kansas are coming to Parliament Hill on July 4th to burn a Canadian Flag in protest of our governments support of gay marriage.

Go and make sure these despicable people get a nice, warm, Canadian welcome.

I recommend super soakers and water balloons.

You are Wiccan? Please do not be wiccan, that’s just so damn weird.
Personally one of my biggest problems with religion as a whole is that people tend to “pick” one based on how much they like what it stands for (unless we are talking about childhood indoctrination). I don’t see how people can expect the true composition of the universe and the hereafter and whatnot to change according to their idea of “good” and “bad”.

“Yeah, so I’m a buddhist now, I just really dig the message that yada yada yada…” WTF? If one or the other religion is supposed to be true it wouldn’t be more or less true based on somebodys personal opinion about it. For this reason I cannot comprehend how anyone can change religions (or begin believing in one altogether) for any other reason than an extremely in-your-face miracle.


Once again, it’s refreshing to see people channel their motivation through pointless protests. :wink:

Wanna do some good? Go minister to a poor familiy and leave your hate at home.

So, Adam and Eve weren’t married. There’s no place in the Bible that says they were, because there were just the two of them. And we’re all descended from Adam and Eve, so that means everybody is illegitimate (and in fact downright incestuous.) So since property rights are only for legitimate offspring, then none of us can own property. So we don’t have any property rights to protect so there’s no legal basis for much of anything and the whole argument is an exercise in futility.

Hey, my logic is just as good as the Bible thumpers’ logic.

That’s pretty damn funny. In a blatantly bigoted sort of way. :slight_smile:

100% AB - you must be referring to this guy: http://www.godhatesfags.com/

Lovely bunch. Fill the water guns and balloons with something much much fouler than just water. This guy is a total absolute piece of shit.

Tell me that website’s a joke.

The Fags vs. Kids game was funny.

Yeah, there’s only two things I hate in this world. . .

Fags and Bigots. . .


Please realize that the above is a joke, if you didn’t get it the first time please re-read it. If you still don’t get it feel free to PM me and I’ll explain . . .

KnightRt…I thought liberals believed in TOLERANCE? Why are you so intolerant of me stating certain facts? I have the right to talk about the Bible and God and you have the right to talk about whatever you want as well.
KARMA…Its not a question of MY morality. Its a matter of the morality of God…as revealed in the Bible.(and yes…the Bible is backed up by substantial evidence showing it IS true. You can argue with me all day long…doesnt change the facts though)
NONE of us can live up to the perfect morality of God…but through the blood of Christ…I am forgiven and changed slowly from the inside out.
And yes…faith is important…but my faith is backed up by evidential FACT! Thats the beauty of it…the evidence factually is there IF you are openminded enough to look at it. The key is open mindedness.

And yes…I am well prepared for your “truth is relative” retort. Been there…heard that…

I dont’ think most homosexuals want to be married. The research says a vast majority of them are self admittedly NOT monogomous. Mulitiple partners is part of the lifestyle for a majority of the people in that lifestyle.
Thats one of the reasons the mortality rate is so horrible after the age of 35 for them…and even WORSE after the age of 50! The health statistics for those in the lifestyle are shockingly horrible!

PtrDR - have you ever considered why homosexuals aren’t as given to monogamy? Or why homosexuals don’t seem to live as long (be it statistically or anecdotally)? Or would you rather look at a certain set of facts or numbers and just draw whichever conclusions make you world “happier”?

There is no reason for the ban on gay marriages and sex other than what the religious and conservative government has put into place. Conservatives are afraid of change and don’t deal with it well because they follow the dogma of antiquity and accept the Bible as the way to life, period. Its silly that its ok for your wife or girlfriend to give you head or want anal sex but that same behavior is “wrong” in other ways.

I personally don’t agree with the gay lifestyle and I think its biologically absurd, however, it exists and a gay person is as much of a person as I am. To me that is the key point; someone’s sexual “preference” shouldn’t impact their status. They pay taxes just like anyone else. In that regard I would say let people do what they feel is right. If a gay person wants the bond of marriage, it should be recognized like any other union. Its just paper anyway; but that paper has financial clout in the “real world”.

PtrDR: there is no evidence that the Bible is “true” other than the basic emotions of a human being. Its the emotional response in the human being to stimulus which drove human beings to write it in the first place.

If you want understanding and enlightenment, put the external influences aside and look inward. The answers to everything in your life lie in yourself.

Religion to me is control and persecution, sprituality is an understanding of one’s self. Know yourself and you will know “God” in all shapes and forms.

True Christians are no more special or enlightened as true Buddhists or Muslims; if you look at all the world religions they are all based on a core set of values. You have to look beyond literal interpretation; spiritual writings are purely symbolic. The abstractions of these teachings are of importance, not the mysticism.

They don’t live as long due to opprotunistic infections that cut short their life…via the immunesystem…by bacteria essentially harmless to you or me.
Some also suffer from infections of the intestine…peritonitis…which is the result of repeated anal sex and the resultant tears in the large intestine…allowing leakage of harmful bacteria into the adbominal cavity.

As for why they are usually NOT monogomous…I have no real clear cut answer.

No…I am not HAPPY that these things happen to them. They are human beings and therefore valuable. Its not my wish to see them harm themselves…

Ah man, religion. Nobody here ever thought that it was an imaged way to control populations without educating them?

For examples, Jews do not eat pork. Why? Because pigs eat almost everything in sight. In the harsh conditions of the land when that rule was given, anything that grew out of the soil was precious. So, instead of telling people Do not take care of pigs as a food source, because they will eat everything that grows on your turf and you and your family and neighbors and future generations doing the same will soon have no agricultural resources left.

Did they say that? Nope. If it came from thy neighbor, theyd all tell him to go fuck himself. Instead, they used the Fear of God and/or God Said So(TM) arguments. Whod go against that? Far more efficient, no need or time necessary to educate the masses and you get results.

Ever wondered why most of it is embedded commands under all the paraboles? Storytelling at its best. Ever wondered why they never tell why X must not do Y? If its so wise, why cant it stand questionning ? Why must thy wisdom never be questionned?

Its like some people: Those who dont want to know why, you tell them what to do. The others, who ask questions, you can debate. Masses don`t want to know why. But they want to be led, or have scapegoats. Hence, religions.