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Gay Laws In Brazil


"There is a shadow hanging over democracy and basic human rights in Brazil. Its name is Law PLC122.

If this law is approved, any kind of moral, religious, philosophical or medical opinion against the homosexual lifestyle will subject the author to prison and heavy fines. Not only in the commercial media, but also in blogs, religious programs and even private conversations. Since the days of the Nazi Party and the Maoist Cultural revolution, we havent' seen such a blatant attack to human rights in this scale.

The radical movement is taking advantage of the momentum produced by the approval of gay civil unions by the Supreme Court last week, in an illegal usurpation of the function of the Congress. The law disrespects the Constitution, which could only be changed by the majority of Congressmen. Now the gay activists are planning a march for the bill in Brasilia, funded with money from NGOs, in order to coincide with the Global Anti-Homophobic Day in May17th."


Evil, plain and simple. The work of Satan...


I have a hard time believing they would outlaw churches from morally objecting to homosexuality. It would never fly in this country, since everyone would oppose it....gay or straight.


Uh, is that pic really being used by the pro side? I've no idea what it says outside of something about 'homophobia.'

Edit: The link looks like a conspiracy blog. Any respectable source for this, and the contents of this law?


Well, it wouldn't fly today.


It says nobody is born homophobic, homophobia is learned, sexuality is not.


Oh, you're talking about the caption on the pic, right kaaleppi?




Actually a very good arugment could be made for the reverse of that quote. Since there is no proof that homosexuality is genetic. But the homosexuals and the politically correct do love to rationalize don't they?


It's a slogan and vulnerable as such. But as you probably guess, my opinion is that the only reason why homosexuals atr now playing their games in the hot-burning centre of the galaxy, to paraphrase Fame, is because it is a controversial issue. That is the only reason , by numbers being gay wouldn't be even as meaningfull as being left-handed. I would like it to be that way. I can't understand homosexuality, but it doesn't really bother me, either. Too much fuss for nothing.

E: I'm left-handed, by the way.


If someone personally and in private says that they don't like gays, and that gets overheard, that person could be arrested under this law.

A priest saying that homosexuality is wrong could be arrested for hate-speech.

Satan is laughing with delight.


For me, this is a perfect example of "I disagree with what you have to say but I will die to defend your right to say it." Homophobia is bad but restricting freedom of expression is worse.






"What are you in for?"
"Hating on the gays"
"Pick up the soap mister"

Let us hope he can learn homosexuality as Zeb says he can, then his stay will be more pleasant :slight_smile:

How does one go about learning homosexuality? Can I teach my girlfriend to be lesbian for threesomes?


That picture is sick!!!