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Gay Fitness Test. Seriously.


If you do pullups like this... you're in trouble


Wow fail.


What. Is. What. This. I. What?

Whoa. I knew crossfitters did kipping pull-ups…but this is just a new kind of lame.


god i hate crossfit


whats gayer is all you cockasses cant even do 20 pullups


I don’t really hate Crossfit all that much… but this is just fucking stupid.


whats even gayer is that the style of pullup is called a butterfly pullup haha.




what is this i dont even


bahaha! no fucking way!


kippers.crossfit. lol


The fuck?


So functional…you muscle heads just don’t get it. Go back to your non-functional training, and try to walk up stairs without running out of breath…this is coordinated multi-joint training at its best…so LaBuff…


My shoulders hurt watching that.


Thats waht all my crossfit friends do, i dont find that nearly as effective as a regular pullup. He is using his body weight as momentum. i would rather do 20 regular pullups slow and effective to really strengthen my shoulders then swing around on a bar and take 5x the amount of time to do the same thing and look dumb while do it.


He is building up his muscles to do “the worm”!!


I hate people.


he looked like a fish floppin around

this is hilarious


[quote]Hip Scar wrote:
He is building up his muscles to do “the worm”!!




As much as we all hate crossfit, can’t we at least be nice to them. I’d pick a crossfitter over a fatass any day of the week.