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Gay Divorce 40% More Retarded Than Gay Marriage.


"Amy" married her partner in Connecticut and returned to her home state, where gay marriage is not legal, to start a family. But just months after their baby was born, Amy's wife wanted out, and no court would hear Amy's claim to the child who carries her last name.

Congratulations homosexuals on figuring out how to fuck up marriage and families worse than Brittney Spears. At least you're not as dumb and shortsighted as the Christian Bible-Thumpers and traditional family advocates who opposed Gay marriage. This was a brilliant idea.


If you want gay marriages to last, maybe y'all could set a better example?


Why? Isn't it the running party line that gay unions do not affect marriage, so how could we affect gay unions?


Mayhap you missed the irony.


Set all the examples I want, if I criticize (even constructively) anyone other than a monogamously-married heterosexual couple, I get labeled by yourself and others as narrow-minded, a religious zealot, and/or a homophobe. Which astounds me coming from the "open" side of the land of the free.

I'm dumbfounded as to why this is considered a progressive movement.


Really? It's not heterosxuals who have on average 100 sexual partners prior to marriage. There is no group of people who even come close to being as promiscuous as homosexual men whether or not they're in a committed relationship. And as I've said so many times in the past the CDC will back this up.

Stop trying to push your lies forlife no one believes you. In all of your hundreds of posts on how homosexuals are no different not one person has believed you. You've not changed any minds


Challenge! I've seen you claim this and many other things that are similar before but you never provide your reliable unbiased source. you say the CDC will back that up but I think we all know it isn't their study even if they use it as a source.

The few gay people I know are all committed to monogamy and have relationships similar in length to heterosexuals. I know one gay couple that is getting divorced after a 15 year long relationship... they've lasted longer than many many heterosexuals. And that's the only partner one of them (maybe both) has ever had...


You have probably not seen the many statistics that I've provided because when forlife and I battled for probably 30 pages you were in high school and were not yet aware of T Nation (or not).

Either way, I'd be glad to post the volume of statistics from many reliable sources including the CDC. But I will do so only under the condition that you promise this will not be another lengthy post battle.....which of course proves nothing and convinces no one (welcome to T Nation). So, what's it going to be? If you really want to read the truth and are not in this to carry it on and on, I'll repost the many stats that I've posted so very many times.

Up to you pal my life is good either way :slight_smile:


It doesn't resonate with my experience either. Regardless, they incorrectly generalize from gay men to make statements about homosexuality in general, ignoring lesbians, for example.

Most importantly, they ignore the conclusions and recommendations provided by the CDC, which happen to agree with the other health organizations that gays shouldn't try to change their orientation, but instead should be in sexually responsible same sex relationships.


I didn't mean to come off so defensively. I just find that statistic beyond unbelievable. I am very interested in these studies and I don't want to go back and forth, I know that it's impossible to change anyone's mind online. So I promise.

It just goes against the things that I think I know. I was looking for something reliable and I couldn't find something to back up your claim that wasn't a third party conservative or religious website with it's own agenda. I've also seen more seemingly (to me and my experience) appropriate figures that may show more promiscuity only in among a small portion of homosexuals but the average is still near the same as heterosexuals. This though has almost exclusively been from gay activists of some sort.

But who else would be interested in finding out?

Anyways... Post away if it isn't a bother. Or PM me if you'd prefer. I don't wanna derail the thread.


Fair enough my friend. When I have some time later this evening I will PM you. I hope you have a great deal of time (and enough desire) to look over the volumes of information which clearly demonstrates that homosexual men are by far the most promiscuous, (and because of that) most disease ridden group of people in the US!

Talk to you in PM later. Have a good day!



Interject! :slight_smile: I'm curious, what's the largest number would you believe and what number would you consider relevant? Just curious.


I'd say above 40 seems suspiciously high... I'd believe that the median be below 20 though (maybe 12-15), and the mean could be much higher depending on the sample size...

Relevance is based on context. Relevant to what?


YEAH, another "Teh (horrible, horrible) Gheyz are runing the world" thread!

You couldn't stick this onto any of the other gay marriage threads we've got?

PS Your use of the word "retard" makes Sarah Palin sad.


I can understand how the Religious Right wants to ban gay marriage. Why would they want a minority group to FAIL 55% of the time the way they do. BAN DIVORCE !! You did agree to "till DEATH do us part", correct ?

Since marriage is an invention of the church why do you get benefits for being married from the Gov't ???
where is the separation of church and state ?? How bout we just all go down to city hall and then get Civil unions ? Course that probably would not fly with the religious mothers out there either...

By the way, by definition Jesus was a BASTARD child and Mary was Raped !!!


A gay couple got married, had a child, and then divorced...what is the point? Some of the criticisms of gay marriage I've found on this site have had value. This isn't one of them.


Here is some data (there is more) that speaks to the number of multiple partners that homosexual men have. As I've said many times in the past, and backed up with data, homosexual men are the most promiscuous group of people in the US. And of course that's one of the reasons why they also have the highest disease rate (both physical and mental) in the US.



More data from the same page as above:


More things that they don't seem to mention in the main stream liberal media:



This one even surprised me and I've been debating this topic on and off for 5 years or so. 62% of all Syphilis cases in the US come from just 2% of the population, homosexual men. The following is from the CDC: