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Gay Cowboys


So I'm surfing the i-tunes websight last night lookin' to download some music when I notice that there is a section where you can view movie trailers. I check out King Kong which looks real cool and the I see a link to the trailer Brokeback Mountain. I'm thinking, cool a cowboy movie, what can be more manly than that. Holy shite was I wrong. Gay cowboys. They attacked the last great frontier, boys. I could just picture TC inadvertently walking in to see this movie and having to be carted off in a straight jacket. Jeez- Hollywood must have really run out of new material.


tina fey on saturday night live said " it's the first western where the good guys get it in the end."


This movie reminds me of that episode of South Park where the town decides to host an independent film festival. When one of the boys asks what an independent film is, Cartman responds:
"Independent films are hippie movies about gay cowboys eating pudding." I wonder if there is any pudding in Brokeback Mountain....


Makes me nauseaus just thinking about it.

Hollywood is constantly pressing this buddy-love garbage. I hope the movie loses more money that waterworld when it's out.


But it will be "critically acclaimed". I can see it now: The Oscar for the best reach around goes to Heath Ledger! And he also wins for best gay blow job recipient.


Opie and Anthony were discussing it this morning, playing interview clips. Jake Gyllenhaal was gettign rather defensive in a clip, saying "No, it's not a gay cowboy film. It's about two guys, one a ranch hand, on a rodeo cowboy, who work together and develop a relationship and fall in love."

Yeah, sounds like the last thing it could be is a gay cowboy film.


Note, this is the obligatory cowby bashing joke:

You mean there are straight cowboys?


Yeah, I saw that Saturday Night Live spoof and I thought it was pretty funny. I thought it was just a skit they made up until I saw the disturing trailer. Reviews are buzzing that Ledger will win an acadamy award for his role. I'm sure this movie will get all the attention this winter. I can see the rationalizing already...cowboys get lonley too...


I thought of that immediately too, thanks for pointing it out


Yeah gay Hollywood is all over this movie, positioning it to be nominated for like 8 different golden globes. Which in turn positions it to be heavily considered for the Oscars.

And if you didn't already know, Gay people RUN Hollywood.

The gays need this movie since the last time they were even portrayed in a light other than a punchline was "my own private Idaho..."

I'm on the fence about seeing it, since I generally like Gillenhal's work, especially after Jarhead. Kid is a good actor, just not sure if I need to see him act Cowboy Gay.

I'm going to be upset, however, if this Broke-dick Mount-men movie gets positioned to win major awards and "Walk the Line" gets ignored because "Ray" won so many awards last year.

Juaqin Phoenix did an awesome job as Cash and deserves the statue.



Didn't you read ipjunkie's post? It's already running for a couple of awards.

"The Oscar for the best reach around goes to Heath Ledger! And he also wins for best gay blow job recipient"


That's why God created Sheep.