Gay bashing on these forums

I used to post over here a lot. Not so much anymore. One of the biggest reasons? Seems that there has been a marked increase in gay bashing in almost every topic/discussion that takes place.

That’s so gay. Queer eye shit. Fags. Blah blah blah.

You bunch of wanna be “T-men” come off as ignorant assholes sitting around your frat house secretly wanting each others ass.

As I said in a thread above, there is a far higher percentage of weightlifters and body gurus among the gay population than the straight one. Because of that, I’m guessing there’s a whole lot of gay men with a lot to contribute who come by these forums and see this ridiculous shit being spewed and go elsewhere.

Seriously, what is your problem? If you have a problem with the gay lifestyle, fine, but keep it to yourself. No one’s threatening you hear. To bring gay bashing into every post is ridiculous.

And if you think everything soft, effeminate, or non-masculine is gay, well, I’d like to introduce you to some of my gay friends who could put their foot up your ass and break both your arms, and mine.

I’m hoping there are others here that are tired of this shit and agree.


Good Call Andy, I agree

holey shmoley, first golberg berates us for making fun of the “special people” and now you won’t let us take shots at them there queers. What’s next, no laughing at midgets. Seriously, I get your point and I’ve known a few gay dudes who fit the “t-man” mold better than most straight guys. I don’t think anyone should be exempt from being poked fun at, but ignorance and intolerance of others speaks volumes about the person spewing the nonsense.

“I’d like to introduce you to some of my gay friends who could put their foot up your ass and break both your arms, and mine.”

im sure that isnt the only thing they put up your ass!!!

sorry, i couldnt resist.

I fully agree. Gay men are stereotyped here way too much, and “gay” should not be used to denote sissiness, wussiness, or anything negative, but rather either homosexual or happy. The poor use of “gay” is really no different than a racial slur. There are sissy gay men, just as there are sissy straight men. There are also gay men like Rumbach described.

Lesbians are also described by “gay”, and I doubt they’re too happy about being lumped in with all of the negative things that the incorrect stereotyping of male homosexuals has come to taint the term with. We even have a member of the forums who has acknowledged being a lesbian, and I hate to think about what she’s had to put up with here.

On the thread Rumbach mentioned, I used the term “gay” in jest, and I tried to define my sarcastic usage of it. If I went too far with it, I apologize, as I never meant to denigrate any homosexuals other than Richard Simmons.

Whether you like it or not, gay people are people and have a lot to offer. Dealing with them is no skin off my back, as I’m not trying to sleep with them. Another person’s orientation really shouldn’t be a concern to you unless you are trying to sleep with them.

for a fag you sure sound like a pussy.

OMG, you are so gay.


Bodybuilding is somewhat of a feminine pursuit whether you are gay or not. For me I just don’t like being fat so I hit the gym and try to eat the best I can. Sometimes I wish I was a little more “meticulous”; I would probably make better progress. :slight_smile:

Like this thread is gonna change something…

is this andy DICK? lol

I have no problem with people being poked fun at, no problem at all. But it’s like a group of klansman talking about black men around here - you know, they wholly expect to never know one, see one, or have one in their presence.

Sorry to break it to all you tough guys like mdog (clever name), but 8% of the population is gay. Deal with it.

no problem being “poked” lmfao

I don’t expect it to change anything, you’re right. But a change in attitude or at least more voice from those who agree could. Remember when everyone was just bashing the shit out of new people looking for advice, then that big discussion happened on how there should be limits to such attacks? Shit changed real fast after that.

I know I don’t carry much weight over here, but I had to bring it up. I respect a lot of people over here, but this forum can be embarrassing.

I think there’s just too much people bashing period. That’s one of the reasons I’m not here so much anymore.

It’s one thing to joke with people and another to be mean.


I think it depends on what you refer to as “gay bashing”. If someone finds that the act of two men having anal sex as sickening, I don’t find that as bashing anyone. If two men can kiss each other in the light of day on any city street in America, then certainly two other heterosexual men have the right to comment on it by describing the act as “sick”. And that should be as far as it goes. I do not call that bashing. I call it freedom of expression on both couples parts.

Comments like that are simply commentary on how one person feels about the act of homosexuality. should a person remain silent when he is offended, in order not to offend? If, however, one were to state, “I would like to smash that queer in the face because I hate all homo’s”. That would be gay bashing. As it implys the threat of violence and also a desire to prevent the two gay men from performing their act.

As the Homosexual lifestyle becomes more “in your face” and less in the closet you are going to experience a natural backlash, as most males are “straight” and many feel uncomfortable regarding the homosexual act. Do not imply that they are closet homosexuals “sitting around your frat house wanting each others ass”. As that statement is just as stereotypical as “all homosexuals are sissys”.

Commenting on what can be considerd by some as abhorrent behavior is a natural response to what repels them. I am sure that you will hear much of this sort of expression in bars, restaurants, home social gatherings and yes, on message boards.

Is this unnatural? Not at all! In fact, it would be unnatural for a heterosexual to embrace the lifestyle of the homosexual. Hence, you will always be reading comments from some of the T-Men regarding homosexuals. As long as there is no threat of violence or prevention of the homosexual act then there is nothing wrong with it. Remember, tolerance is not acceptance! And in fact one can argue that homosexuals are not very tolerant of those who comment openly and above board regarding their their lifestyle.

Tolerating the homosexual is not welcoming the lifestyle or the act. It simply means “to allow to be, or to be done without preventing such”. Toleration does not mean acceptance. Acceptance means “to receive or agree to willingly”. Far to many have confused the two in pushing toleration of the homosexual lifestyle. I think their should be toleration regarding the homosexual. However, I do not accept the lifestyle.

As we are on the topic: The term “homophobic” has been used inappropriately since its inception. Phobia denotes fear. The implication is that some straight men “fear” homosexuals so they verbally attack them. while this may be true with a small minority of straight men. In many cases I think it is more that most straight men find the homosexual act so repugnant that they feel a need to express themselves vehemently. This is not “homophobia” as much as it is “homorepugnancy”. If someone states “the homosexual act makes me sick”. Are they afraid of the homosexual? I think more they are expressing an extreme opposition to the act, which seems justifyable as a reasonable means to express themselves. And in fact far better they do this, than try to contain this need and then having it explode in violence against homosexuals.

As to your post. It seems to me filled with intensly bitter statements. Some describing how certain of your homosexual friends are strong and good enough fighters to beat the hetersexuals who post on the board. You even go into detail regarding the placing of someones foot up anothers buttocks. You go on to state that your homosexual friends could “break both your arms”.

Finally, you state “if you have a problem with the gay lifestyle, fine keep it to yourself”. You had a problem with straight men commenting negatively on gay men. Did you keep it to yourself?

Does your “straight bashing” make sense? especially in light of the fact that you are attacking others for allegedly gay bashing? Are we now to think that you are an “ignorant asshole”? To use your own words. Or, are you merely venting in a place where you know it is safe to do so?

People will continue to speak out regarding the gay lifestyle. And I think that is healthy. Those who oppose even the mildest tone of such commentary are not being realistic or tolerant of other views on a very controversial subject. Ironically, they are also taking away their own power to use the mighty pen to promote their own ideas!

Alright, I might take some shit for this but I don’t care. Words are just that WORDS. Example: if I say to one of my friends who’s bothering me “fuck you”. He’s not going to trip. Now on the other hand if I get an inch away from his face look him right in the eyes like he is a peice of human trash that doesn’t have an ounce of my respect and say “FUCK YOU”, ya can probably bet were gonna end scrappin. Point is it’s just how things are said. NOW, I could be wrong but I don’t recall ever reading anything on this form about someone hating gays and saying that they are all dispicable and that because they are gay they hate that person. If they did, I have no doubt everyone would flame away a said person.

I agreed with your point up until the point you mentioned the troup of Chippendale’s who could kick my ass. Why is it in topics like this one of the selling points is that ______ can kick my ass? Wow, I was on the fence until I found out they could kick my ass! Paint me rainbow and call me queer.

holy shit zeb you just got my vote for most articulate and informative post of the year.

you summarized my thoughts to the “T.” 100%. i think im going to forward your dissertation to congress.

Words are just words? Cool. We can all go back to using the term “nigger”. Okay?

Note the sarcasm in my comments above.

How is homosexuality “offensive”? That doesn’t make much sense. Also, there are a lot of guys that sleep with fugly women, but I don’t go around lambasting them for it - I just let it slide. If it’s not my thing, then who am I to completely belittle a person for their orienation. I’m not orientated towards most fat chicks, but I don’t mind if guys sleep with them.

This kind of crap is why people leave these forums. Being gay doesn’t make you a pussy. Being a pussy does. Please stop stereotyping.

“Homophobia” is used because straight people literally attack (both physically and verbally) homosexuals for being gay. If you wish to make fun of a gay man for acting like a sissy in a situation, that’s fine, but don’t make fun of them for something they don’t have control over - their orientaion.

Zeb, you may find the act repugnant, but I would suggest to you that the majority of straight men who ardently take part in criticism of the homosexuals do so because of fear, ignorance, and upbringing.

A lot of people used to be repulsed by the idea of a black person using the same drinking fountain as them, or the same toilet, or dating a white person. Would you rabidly defend their position as “free speech” if they started throwing around racial speech on these forums? I doubt it. Your logic is suspect, and I think you lack the ability to place such “repugnancy” in our social history.

My only point with the whole “kick your ass thing” was that the general sentiment seems to be that gay men are big pussies. Not true.