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Gay Adoption?



Gay couples will have gender disoriented children just like straight parents do. The question is whether this happens with greater frequency for same or opposite sex couples, and the research says it doesn't. You'll note that the lesbian couple in the article has 2 older heterosexual sons, as well as grandchildren.

I would speculate that kids in this situation might find it a little easier if their parents are gay, simply because the parents are more likely to understand what it is like to be different and to support the child's best interests, rather than forcing a role stereotype that only hurts the child in the long run.




Iâ??ve always found this ironic. Isn't it the little boy that desires to be a little girl and physically change himself into what a girl is supposed to look like in order to match the physical and behavior stereotype of a girl the ones who are caught up in gender stereotype?

If a person naturally acts and likes certain clothes, that's one thing. Physically changing your body to "match" who you feel you are is something else. It's the trans-gender that are the most gender focused and gender profiling people. They aren't just being who they like, they are trying to match a gender stereotype.


Oh for crying out loud...

That's all I can really manage right now. I don't even feel like arguing about it. If someone doesn't see the wrong here, then we're not only from different world's, but different universes...completely incompatible.


I've always thought transgender people have the hardest time of it. We watched "Becoming Chaz" the other day, and of course Chaz is now on "Dancing With the Stars" like he has to prove something. Or maybe he doesn't, I can't say but it seems like it would be really hard. I would take being gay over that, any day.


Not arguing that point at all. Just stating plainly, that they are the most stereotype focused people out there. They are the ones obsessed with linking physical traits, gender, and behavior.


That's one of the many, many reasons why homosexuals should NOT be allowed to adopt children. This society seems bound and determined to create generations of pain.


I know a lovely girl aged 18 who's just off to study maths at Cambridge, who was raised by two women in a civil partnership, one of whom sadly died of cancer this year. Girl is normal as teenage girls can get. But obviously extrapolating from that would be too far.

Also Daily Mail is famous in the UK for lies and distortions.


That is the nature of society, always has been.


Well said.


Has there been research to show this conclusively? I submit such research would be unethical.

That's a rate of 30%. I bet hetero couples don't have kids with transgender ideation at this rate.


True, some have only 1 and that is transgendered!

That is a whopping 100 % !!!!!!!!

See, I can rape statistics too, but I know when I am doing it.


Excellent point and one that is rarely raised. What on earth makes people think they have the right to experiment with children by allowing them to be raised by same sex 'parents'?


Yeah heterosexuals never do horrible things to their children. Especially the religious heteros. If those heteros would just stop having children and adopting them out to gays none of this would happen. Shit if the straight people would stop having gay babies this whole issue wouldn't exist!

Also are you for selfsufficiency and less governement or for saving the world from experencing pain by using legislation to protect the family unit?

If you really want to save the world or protect children homosexual adoption should proably be near the very bottom of the list of things that need improvment. You could start with fostercare in gereneral, then look at privitizes teen correction facilites, and a few other thousand autrocities that are being commited against a vast greater number of youth on a daily bases rather than this one isolated instance.


Plenty of closeted homesexual males and females have been raising kids since the beiging of time. It is only an experement because it is being observed now, not because there is a potential greater risk to the children all of the sudden.


I think that raises an important point.

Not only are gay people almost exclusively born and raised by straight couples, in all likelihood they were made gay by their parents upbringing, at least if we follow Zebs hypothesis of the genesis of homosexuality.

What right do we have to experiment on children by letting them be raised by straight couples?

I say we socialize the raising of kids in order to produce a 100% straight population and since they are already there we could also instill them with a sense of duty towards the community, a love of exercise and a strong belief in military virtues.

Pic for illustration purposes.



I like the notion of using single instances of bad parenting to deligitimize intire groups of people from having kids. The above is one of the many many many reasons why religion and parenting are a dangerous combination. What if you are a minister and god tells you to microwave your baby? Obviously being a minister and believing you have a direct line to god and having read all of the bilble stories in the old testement where god asked for people to kill their kids you can see how one might think this was a reasonable request from the man up stairs. It is not a safe enviorment for any child to be raised in.

Or maybe this guy is crazy and so are the parents that are helping an 8 year old have a sex change. You know what it not fair that these 2 kids should have to suffer. We should sterilize the entire human race to save our prodegeny from future pain.


We're not experimenting. Children have been raised by 'straight' parents since humankind began. In fact, you could almost say that a man, a woman and a child/children are a 'natural' unit; a 'family' if you will. Why do you think you have the right to experiment with children by allowing them to be raised by homo/trans/whatevers?

Back to historical realities: Edmund Heines, one time lover of SA leader Ernst Roehm, cuddling with an unknown Nazi - could be your grandpa maybe? Pic for illustration purposes.


First of all the SA leadership was purged to insure the heterosexuality of the movement and since you are already at a point were you are wondering whether "we" "have the right to experiment" by kind of allowing, and so further and so on just admit that we cannot allow children to be raised by their parents, with their whacky ideas, werid beliefs, anti social and anti government mindsets...

No, children should be educated by state appointed experts in order to insure order, conformity and trust in the system.