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Gawd Dayum! Ghetto Workout


shit's crazy. 'nuff sed


I love those kind of creative workout videos, there are some good prison ones too. A lot of those physiques are pretty damn impressive!


This shit is retarded, pushups on top of the bus stop? ya real necessary. Dips on someone's car bumper, if that was my car they'd get a boot to the head. Shirts off at the playground - pedo much? While the main premise has some validity, the way it's presented is pure douchebaggery.


Is this post serious? Shirts off at a playground (which is no doubt where the basketball court is) equals "pedophile"? What, do you live in Kansas?


I'm being sensationalist. I don't actually think they're pedos; however I do think it's a bit inapporpriate to be at the jungle gym of what's probably an elementary school or something with kids in the background working out. If I were a child I would be intimidated by bunch of grown men taking over my playground equipment. I also still think it's weird to be flexing and shit sans shirt like that in a public area.


I don't think he really meant that literally.

It just seems staged and cheesy. A gym membership is like $7 a week. I propose a "ghetto" saving method: drink two less fourties a week. :wink:


Are you guys serious. These guys are working out in their neighborhood and they're in great
shape for the most part. They are having fun and doing something constructive. The idea is
you can work out where ever you are. Also I think your negative comments are mostly because
these guys are African American. If these were white kids you'd say "Hey cool pretty neat".


Jesus Christ wink, you are calling people racist? Because they criticized a goofy fucking workout video. Holy fuck so nevermind if the guys posting the criticism are black, and the fact they said no racist shit. It was black men in the video that was criticized therefore logically it must be a racist white guy criticising the fucking video, motherfuckers like you are worse then racists, at least they have an excuse(they are fucking stupid) you have no excuse just a thin skinned whiney bitch.


This video showcases a bit more what some of these guys do - there far from pedo's - if you live Ny where these vids are filmed- youd know that SOME of these guys like the ones in the video posted do alot of work with inner city kids -


I've gotta try some of those variations of pullup, they look like they'd hurt. Though i think i'm carrying a bit too much extra weight to be able to do most of them... Results speak for themselves though.


Let's see "drink two less forties a week" whats that....stereotyping!


That's a mighty assumption since you don't even know my race or me personally. Why does race have anything to do with it? I'd love to know how you came to that conclusion. I'd still say they're retarded if they were white, yellow or red. Like I said, the premise is fine, the presentation is what's retarded, it's too over the top - i.e. pushups on top of a bus stop - why? Guess the ground wasn't good enough.

Got jeans on, but no shirts, just attempting to show off their physiques is all that is - same as that guy who flexes at the gym in front of the mirror or the girls who dress like sluts at the gym for attention - vanity. And they're also being a public menace same as skate boarders are by hanging off street lamps and bus stops, using peoples' cars to dips on, and that sort of thing.


Whatever. You don't even realize how deeply engrained predjudice is in your psyche. The
way you describe women's dress as an indication that they are promiscuous indicates
how easily you form an opinion which becomes YOUR truth.


Here's at least one of those groups featured in that videos website: http://bartendaznyc.com

It's fantastic that they're taking on kids and being positive role models. And if their work out videos inspire kids to exercise, and it keeps them from doing otherwise negative things, awesome.


I feel like a bit of a douche now, but hey, I'm used to it. :wink:


TM they defintely not easy ...they arent comfortable lol and it takes alot of practice but ive seen some big guys do them ...


Thank You


Gooch thats them ...The bartendaz...they are local here in NYC ....along with the calistehnic kingz and a few other groups...


Call it like I see it. I'd say you can definitely judge a certain level of properness based on the way a girl dresses. A non slutty girl isn't going to dress all whorey looking.

Here's an example of dressing slutty at the gym. Other day I saw some slut at the gym who comes over to squat rack where I am and uses it as support while she starts swinging her leg back and forth to "stretch out" I guess. Had some halter top thing on with cleavage hanging out and these short shorts and no panties. every time she brought her leg up, I could see her pussy - I'm pretty sure she was doing this on purpose for me to see since she was doing it right in front of me and kept looking up at me, and in my books that makes her a slut.


Then why didn't you directly reply to me? It was joke, anyway.

Did you see the little winky smiley? It looks like this: ":wink:" The semicolon are the eyes, and the comma portion is a winking eye. The closing parentheses is the smile. If it follows a sentence, it means that sentence was meant in jest. If you'd like any more tips on communicating online, just send me a PM! :wink:


Yes a joke. With a smiley. However a joke which is based on a sterotype.
Why don't you joke about how all black people have big shiney wheels on there
cars. It would be the same thing. Again predjudice in ingrained in your brain.
It's how you were raised and it takes some effort to overcome.