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Gave Up on Restart after 5 Weeks

Hi Fellas , have not posted on here for a long time was busy living it up as an optimal specimen ! Basically I attempted a restart to see if my body could function at a half decent level without Ex T , just over 5 weeks later and I ended up throwing the towel in , and throwing a stick in !!

My restart plan was guided by my endo who put me on 25mg clomid eod 2 weeks then 12.5mg eod 2 weeks , pretty much from week 2 onwards it has been the shittiest I have felt in at least 2 years possibly worse then before TRT !

Energy levels low , sleep was poor my knees and ankles were popping like a bowl of rice crispies my strength and muscle mass slipped away daily along with confidence and libido , work seemed twice as hard as normal and generally swimming in shit !

My hyperthyroid crashed my hormones ( super high SHBG and low free test ) which is why I started TRT to begin with 2 years ago and at the time I attempted the restart thyroid was tracking great so why not give it a shot , although my endo did advise me that at 38 years old I’m probably past the point of no return , he was right ,

I know guys will say I didn’t give it long enough should have been at least 6-8 weeks minimum but really I couldnt see much improvement happening in another 6 days ,

Basically I have accepted the fact that with my thyroid condition and the age I’m at my life is going to be much more enjoyable on TRT , I know there’s other Guys on here that have tried a similar restart only to come to the same conclusion , but also fellas who have had a successful restart ( I salute you gentlemen )

Blood tests were taken today before I threw a shot in so will be interesting to see where I was sitting after 5 weeks , will post them up when they arrive in a few days .

Lifelong TRT what’s everyone’s thoughts ??? Any experiences from people 10,15, 20 years on TRT ?

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I’ve been pinning for 14 years (little time off during those years) and I still look forward to the next injection, the next workout, the next sale, etc.

Clomid restarts aren’t usually feel-good stories, you could try Enclomiphine or Nolva if you wanted. However all these will raise your already high SHBG


It’s fine to just be in trt. It’s what you want and there are no real long term risks if you have a competent protocol. Just enjoy it.


@swoops39 hey mate , the options I had were HCG or clomid , HCG doesn’t sit well with me so clomid it was , while on TRT my SHBG sat nice and low-mid range so another reason why I should be on rather then off ,

Yeah I had read clomid generally has a bad ending With most not sure why I thought I would t be one of those stories !

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At least u tried and you can put it down in your log

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@middleages some might say I didn’t really try hard enough at only just over 5 weeks but really I could not continue any further in this state , being in the upper ranges with a working protocol is a life changer

Heck at least you can live better than most now. Stay the course and live like a lion.

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@middleages 100 percent agree

What’s your trt protocol?

@trtwuzup I’m back onto 75mg twice a week Monday morning / Thursday arvo , no HCG no anastrazole , taking vit C, D , E supplements though. Already feeling 10 times better ! :+1:t3:

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I totally get you.

It’s been 68 days since I stopped clomid (restart protocol too) and I feel so f*cking terrible that I’m probably gonna hop back on trt really soon.

Just do what you feel works best for you. There are a lot worse fates than having to inject testosterone.

@finnish_guy I reckon I know how crap you feel , my experience with Clomid was only short but I did not feel human at all on the stuff , feeling like crap is your body telling you it’s in a shit state