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Gave Up Deadlifting


Why did I do this?
-Deadlifting strength is not more important to me than,say,pullover strength. Just because it's popular is not meaningful to me because I'm not a powerlifter.
-GHM takes the lower back through a drastically larger ROM than the deadlift which,depending on your form and proportions,barely moves your back.
-GHM (or good mornings,which I don't do) are isometric for the hams (hip flexion) but so is the deadlift,and I supplement with ham curls
-Deadlift was hurting my back. I think I was doing damage over time.
GHM/back extensions work the erectors very well I find, and there is apparently zero strain on the disks while with the deadlift it feels like a draw between muscles and joints.
-No longer have to worry about my forearms,hands and upper back being spent and considering awful TBT and can more easily afford a split.



How does it feel to come to terms with your womanhood?

Just kidding, They arenâ??t for everyone. There are top level guys that do them and ones that donâ??t.

I think they are amazing, they work great for me, but they are not some holy grail of exercises whosâ?? results are un-replicatable through other means. Itâ??s a good exercise, but itâ??s just 1 exercise.

Not to turn this into another TBT debate, but isnâ??t inherently awful either.


I think you were doing them wrong...


i was thinking the same thing. check your form, it might solve all your problems.


I've noticed that when weight training is about the only activity I do, I can deadlift heavy just fine. When I'm putting a lot of hours into grappling, and MMA though, deadlifting with closer to my max really kills my body. I generally just drop the load a little bit and add more volume though.

There's no reason why you HAVE to do deadlifts, but they are an excellent exercise.



After applyig everything from that article to my technique it felt like a completely different move from what I had thought it was supposed to be from reading tons of deadlifting articles. That one though, for me, opened up the gates to heaven.


I think you gave them up because they are too hard.

oh... and it sure sounds like you were doing them wrong.


use the search button...

j/k, knew this looked familiar, silly bodybuilders...:wink:




Just my observation, but the biggest most muscular guys I personally know don't do deadlifts. The vast majority of people I've seen in my 20 years of going to gyms in different parts of the country have been guys weighing less than 200lbs.


make them do deadlifts and they'll get even bigger.


My experience is the exact opposite.


You want our thoughts?. What is there to say?. You have clearly stated reasons for not deadlifting...I doubt we can sway your mindset.


If you're techique is right, and it still gives you problems, then don't do them.

In the end, it's your body and you have to decide what is best for it-not others on the 'net.


I think DL are essential to having a thicker back, I personally would never quit doing them. If anything I would so something a little different, reverse hypers or something THEN go back to DL, but i would NEVER cut them out...my 02


The biggest, strongest guys I know all deadlift.

Spinal erectors like small trees on some of those guys.


I gave up deadliftng, too. Now I just squat and rackpull which seems to be working fine.


These two points stood out to me. Your lower back isn't supposed to move during deadlifts. If you're moving your lower back while you deadlift I'm not surprised it hurts. Don't blame the movement for your poor technique.


I love deadlifting.

By the way, since this topic is already open, I have a short question...

How do you program so that you can increase both your deadlift and squat regularly?

This article

sort of says that it isn't necessarily the best idea to train heavy for squat and deadlift during the same week. Would doing speed/volume work on one and max work on the other for about a month or two and then switching which one is getting speed/volume work and which one is getting max work during the next phase work?


Just do rack deadlifts:D. I don't pull from the floor really anymore.