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Gauging Fat Content of Finished Stir Fry

Hi all,

I am attempting to really start tracking my macro and calorie intake rather than simply dieting by feel. My favorite way to cook is to stir fry (I like to make Thai and Cantonese food at home) but I’m struggling to figure out how to gauge the following:

How much oil is ending up in the finished product?

I use oil to stir fry the chicken and vegetable separately, and I set them both in colanders to drain before remixing in the wok and adding sauce. Obviously some of the oil used in the cooking process is draining off, but how much?

I realize that this is a difficult (perhaps impossible) question to answer, but I’m hoping there’s somebody on here with a history of precise macro counting who also likes to stir fry. Obviously the answer won’t be exact, I’m just looking for a decent rule of thumb to go off of when meal planning.


well the only way to know for sure would be to drain the oil into some sort of receptacle that told you the volume. A jug or whatever.

Most of what you put in will be in the final product. Some will splatter away, stay in the pan/wok or be carried off by evaporating water but that doesn’t really matter as you are extremely unlikely to be able to exactly track how much fat you put in without sending yourself batty - especially if you’ve been going by feel until now.

This is why most macro approaches give you some leeway each way.

Edit: okay, you stir fry with a lot more oil than me lol estimate how much comes off or weigh it the first time and go with that