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Gauge Guide For Different Compounds


Anyone know of a list of compounds and the minimal gauge dart that can be used?

Eg. Test-E = 25g
Test-P = 23g
TrenAce= 25g

Keep in mind I have just picked these sizes at random cos I don't know the answers and am hoping for some input.


The Bastardboy


Generally, anything oil based can be injected with 25's on up (23, 22, etc.). I don't use anything larger than a 23, and 99% of the time I use 25's with no problems.

Most usually, anything water based can be shot with 25's on up (27, 29, 30).

That's pretty much the guide I go by.


The only minimum gauge requirement would be in the case of water-based suspensions where the crystals could jam in a fine needle. The standard recommendation is to use nothing smaller than a 23g, and you might need a larger bore needle for some UG preparations.

For oil-based it's really just a question of viscosity and how long you're willing to take to draw/inject, and the viscosity depends more on the carrier oil and solvents used, rather than the dissolved compound. You can inject with a 29g or even 30g if you're patient, assuming the needle is long enough to penetrate into the muscle. Drawing with those size needles takes forever but can be done if necessary.

For water-based stuff other than suspensions a 30g is fine.


Pretty much what I do too. It usually has more to do with the carrier than the substance.
I usually draw with a larger needle no matter the substance, like a 20-22g though.


I prefer a 20 to draw and a 25 to inject oil-based stuff. 27 and up for oil is just dumb as it takes WAY too long, if it even works (but this depends on the type of oil and cosolvents). Water-based I would use a 29-30, but I've had some water-based stuff that would only go through a 20.


I learned real fast that for injecting winstrol you must use a 25g to insure smooth transfer as it has many small particles in it that will clog your dart


I use a 21 on my Test Cyp and have no trouble.

Rainjack gave me a tip: put the loaded syringe on a hot pad for half an hour before injecting, set on low. Makes oil flow way better and NO soreness next day.


Thanks guys, very helpful info. 25g it is then.

For anyone in Melbourne Australia... here is a good site for free syringes, swabs etc. Part of a safe injecting health initiative.


I know there are others around the world, may be worth posting some in a thread and then collating and putting in the Newbies section. Up to the public i guess. Just glad i don't have to pay for mine.

The Bastardboy


It does really depend on the gear, and of course the volume of the injection and one's own patience or lack thereof.

I've got some primobolan that seems to take forever to push through a 25g, yet the tren ace I used during my last cycle was no trouble to shoot through a 29g.


What about oils in a 27 gauge. Is that promblem?


I use the same gauge for everything.