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Gatti retired last night after losing by KO. He had a tough go toward the end, but rarely has their been a fighter who had more heart and had his career declared and come back more times. ‘Thunder’ was truly a great fighter, a throwback, and a great guy. You’ll be missed. Be at peace.

That man is a warrior in every aspect of the word. He leaves on his shield in my eyes.

I was glad to hear him say “adios amigo.” It really hurt to see him beaten as he was against Baldomir and Gomez. His fights with Ruelas, Ward, Paterson, and Robinson were classics. Guy was a true warrior and I’m glad he had the sense to hang up the gloves. He nailed it on the head when he said he didn’t belong at 147 but couldn’t get to 140.

I’m glad he retired. I’ll always remember him for the Gatti-Ward triology.

49 fights, 40 wins & 4 fights of the year. Im glad to see him walk out of the ring, his pride would have let him die in there.

I wish I didn’t watch his last couple of fights. I had a feeling he’d lose Saturday, but I didn’t think he’d get dominated like that. But I’m glad he got a few big paydays toward the end of his career. If anyone deserved it, he did.

If I ever need to be inspired or want to remember why I love boxing, I throw in my Gatti-Ward trilogy dvd and watch fight 1, round 9.

It’s sad to see him go but I’m sure it would be much sadder to see him continue at this point. Hell of a warrior, had so many great fights.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:
I’m glad he retired. I’ll always remember him for the Gatti-Ward triology.[/quote]

Agreed. What a great triology it was. Too bad it didn’t get more mainstream coverage.

I forgot to add hes a 2x world champ too.

Watched the fights that night on HBO. That first KO was awesome!

Back in 2003 I met & got to hang out with Teddy Cruz & Gatti, Buddy G. as well.( also played bbal with James M. awesome athlete! He’s now kicking butt in the ring. ) They rented a house on the bch side accross the street from my parents.

They would invite my dad & I to the gym to watch Gatti spar, what a sight to see!! Talk about taking ones training to another level! WOW!

And, as they would come back to train for the next fight, Teddy & Gatti would remember & call me by my name. That’s after 6-8 months would pass!

Watching the past few fights was hard, glad he said that’s it. I plan on buying all his fights on dvd.

He is a champions champion!

True BM - the 2 highlights of his retirement are 1. - he’s still alive & 2. - i get to go out & buy his whole career.