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Gatti vs. Ward

Just finished watching the Gatti/Ward fight and it was a total war. It was as least as good, if not better than Gatti/Ward 1. Gatti broke his right hand in the fourth and got knocked down in the sixth. Still, he managed to win the fight with a left jab and left hook with the occasional weak right thrown in for balance. I would have liked to have seen Ward retire with a win, but you really could’nt have scripted a more dramatic fight.

1 and 3 were two of the best fights I’ve ever seen.

Fucking unbelievable. See my post on this from a few days ago. I didn’t think the third fight could rival the first, but it was close. Gatti’s the most courageous warrior in the sport. Period. Props to Ward for a great career. It was always a pleasure to see him fight.

Ya, I could’nt believe Gatti kept fighting at first after breaking his hand. I thought he was showing some big ass stones, but was insane. I figured Ward would end up takin him down. But for Gatti to come back and take it to Ward was unreal.

Yep, awesome fight! Here’s hoping that Gatti gets a title fight sometime soon.

Ward almost had him towards the end, on the ropes. Both of these guys have serious chins, and great recovery ability. Too bad this was the last one. It is a real pleasure to watch guys like this lay it all out there. Great fight. What boxing is supposed to be.