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Gatorade/Powerade for PWO Shake?

I know Surge is the PWO shake of choice around these parts, unfortunately I live in the UK and don’t want to pay the high shipping charges to get some. I have been using CNP Pro Recover as my PWO shake with a scoop of whey and 5g of creatine for a while which works at around:

~ 400kcal
~ 40g protein
~ 50g carbs (All of which sugars)

This is fine but it’s a bit of pain to get hold of as I can’t get it in any shops near me. I was wondering about your views on using powerade/gatorade along with whey for a PWO shake, 500ml of which along with 40g of whey would come to:

~ 325kcal
~ 35g protein
~ 27g carbs (18g of which sugars)

Obviously the second option has less calories, crucially however the powerade contains Glucose and Maltodextrin which I’ve heard are important PWO… (I also realize that in Surge not all of the carbs are sugars.
Either way id be having another meal (~500kcal) within 90mins of the PWO shake. Would the powerade/whey combination be a viable option? Views would be much appreciated.

I personally mix a scoop of powdered gatoraid with a bottle of isopure for sipping during working out and one PWO

You will be fine doing that. What you eat the other 95% of the time matters more to your gains.

Hell, a lot of the big guys in my gym don’t worry about post-workout shakes, at all, and just focus on getting in food after a workout.

These guys are right. Be sure to use the powered form as the liquid form has HFCS.

Hate to hijack, but I was wondering about mixing my PWO in green tea. any thoughts or ideas regarding that?