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Gatorade Powder Pre Workout??


Well after a brutal, but very rewarding year at school my money has dwindled all the way down, and i currently only have 50 bucks to my name. Fortunately im currently armed with 8 lbs of protien, 500 grams of creatine, and some left over fish oil. Also living back at home where my parents help feed me. I plan to take the protien preworkout mixed with gatorade powder and 5-10 grams creatine to spike insulin. I've done this in the past and i've had decent results but i always felt like the gatorade was probably a bad idea, due just to the large amount of sugar.

Can anyone comment on this? is there anything i could get a hold (easily found in stores) that would do a better job and isnt too expensive? Is the gatorade powder a terrible idea??

Itll be a little while till i can get my hands on anything fancy like Surge or something similar, and i want to start training tomorrow (been out of the game for a few weeks). Thanks


The gatorade is fine for efficacy; as for price I think simple table sugar would be much cheaper (If the gatorade powder is mostly sucrose, there probably won't be much difference in terms of efficacy), but not sure how it would work in a shake.

Also, there are sites online that sell dextrose, maltodextrin, etc. in large quantities for very cheap (I got a 10lb bag of dextrose for 22$), but although cheap, shipping may be a problem, so look around.

Also, some stores in your area may sell dextrose/maltodextrin for a reasonable price; I have never seen any in GNCs but I have in Popeye's supplements before. Cheaper and more effective that gatorade powder.


Gatorade powder is fine, I use that and casein hydrolysate for my workouts. It won't kill you.


I think i have a friend who used to buy Dextrose at a homebrew shop! lol...there is no Popeyes on PEI unfortunately. I will visit the Homebrew shop tomorrow perhaps.


What works so much better than Gatorade anyway?

You can use whatever the heck you want - Koolade, juice, a friggin' coke, waxy maize.


I dunno man, its frustrating knowing what's good and whats not...did you read the latest article called the 2 most anabolic hours or whatever.... Had a part about how you can't just put any old sugar source and expect it to be optimal...i know a lot of that comes from this site promoting their products, but at the same time i dont want to short change myself...haha but at the same time im freaking broke right now. Im sure you can understand my frutration


Check the label of the gatorade powder. I have some powerade powder and it is mostly dextrose, but sucrose is the #2 ingredient. I'm not sure on the ratios.


im kind of in the same situation although it isnt due to the money rather the lack of availability of the products where i live. i have protein powder, bcaa, creatine and gatorade powder.everything else comes from food. how do u guys suggest i set up my workout nutrition with these?

btw i might be able to get my hands on some dextrose, im guessing that will be much better than gatorade?


I'll tell ya how to do it. It's kinda hard though.

Directions for peri-workout concoction
1) Put protein powder in shaker.
2) Put Gatorade powder in shaker.
3) Put water in shaker.
4) Shake shaker.


I have heard that gatorade is approx 50/50 dextrose/sucrose and sucrose is 50/50 dextrose/fructose so with gatorade powder you are getting approx 75% dextrose and 25% fructose (I have probably over simplified a bit).


Like I think it would be optimal to get a Ferrari over my 2007 Honda Civic. Optimal for babe magnetism, optimal for social status, and optimal for driving. My only problem is although I want optimal, I can't afford a Ferrari. That's life!


And thank god you simplified!

Complicated shit is destroying noobs' thought processes. We got supplement salesmen and marketers pwning them and and making them think of all sort of dumb shit.

Gatorade is fine. Chocolate milk is fine.


Chocolate milk, fruitcakes.


pretty easy steps i guess..lol
anyways i was wondering more of whether i should take the gatorade pre or during workout..
was thinking of doing
pre = gatorade whey +bcaa
during = bcaa
post = whey creatine bcaa


In all honesty, they will probably all pool in your stomach and, before the first can be fully absorbed, the second shake would be coming in.

So putting everything in one shake would have the same effect, as digestion would just turn everything into one big bolus anyways.

The anaconda protocol can get away with timing stuff so meticulously since CHY is the protein source, whey takes longer.


^^^there's quite a bit of casein in FINiBARs. milk protein isolate is the first protein listed on the label.


Actually, there's not that much casein in FINiBAR as an entire bar only has 10g of protein.

Besides, we've found that the other ingredients in this product speed digestion of the proteins in it as well.