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Gatorade Good Carbohydrate?


Hi! I'm just beginning the Scrawny to Brawny program and was wondering if Gatorade is a suitable carbohydrate for my pre/during/post workout drinks?
If not, is there a cheap alternative?
The book talks of maltodextrin but I can't find where to buy it.


Gatorade is fine during your workouts, or after if trying to also gain (if you add more carbs and protein to it). Obviously, Surge is ideal, but Gatorade is good to use to. If possible, use both!


Maltodextrin is just corn starch.


Fido99, can't you get Surge? Is that too expensive (think about it; it's not that much, really).

That's the best thing you can take. If that's not realistic for you, pursue alternatives.


Research has shown that post-workout, protein with carbs is better for recovery.


Actually, I think Surge is a bit expensive when you take into account how many servings you'll be consuming on workout days. S2B recommends a recovery drink before, during and after your workout. That's 9 servings a week on the three day routine and 12 on the four day routine. A tub of Surge is $21, not including shipping, for 10 servings.

So on the three day routine you're almost going through three tubs of Surge a week! If my math is correct, that would be $63 a week or $252 a month. Surge is great but that is expensive. I make my own recovery drink using maltodextrin and Hydrolyzed whey. You can find them both in bunk if you search around the internet.


This thread is a good read for those that think Surge is expensive.



It's late, so please forgive me if I'm reading this wrong, but. . .

First you say S2B calls for a total of 9 servings per week, and with a tub being 10 servings, would be a total of just under one tub of Surge per week.

Then, in your next paragraph you say 3 tubs per week. Which is it? Are you having an entire tub of Surge per workout? Yeah, that would be expensive.

But, as the way I'm understanding things, 21 dollars a week is not much for optimal recovery and growth from your PWO shake. I mean, c'mon, look at the rest of your grocery bill.


Chris Shugart's latest article NCSA Sizzle and burn says a combo whey + casein is better than a Surge type combo.

So Surge isn't necessarily the best like everyone keeps saying around here.



From the article:

Now here's a surprising study: Forty-four resistance training men received either 48g of carbs alone, 40g of whey and 8g of casein, or 40g whey + 5g glutamine + 3g BCAA. At the end of ten weeks, the group getting the whey with the 8g of casein gained more LBM than the other groups. So should we add a little slow-digesting casein to our fast-acting post-workout drinks like Surge? Hmmm...


Dave Barr addressing this issue (from the article discussion):

Dr. Stout is a stud, but to maximize our anabolic efficiency we want maximum anabolism in the shortest period of time.

Whey/Casein combo worked because 1) It's just more protein 2) Casein lasts in the stomach for a long time, which is great if you're not eating.

Frequent hydrolysate meals and large solid meals obviate this.


musclephysphd wrote:
Base on Dr. Stout's conclusions, it appears that Surge would be a great pre-workout drink and Grow! would be the perfect Post-workout.


"???" is right.

RedEye, would you please be kind enough to point out the Surge-like combo that was used in the study? Good luck - you're going to need it.

So I'm not really sure how you came to the conclusion that whey/casein is better than Surge. . .


People read WAY too much into single studies; besides I think David Barr covered it well with his response.

I'll tell you my personal experience with Surge. I only recently began using it. Previously I had thought that a whey protein shake and some maltodextrin was good enough for post workout nutrition. I honestly thought that Surge was somewhat hyped. Sure, It might make a slight difference, but not enough to justify the expense.

Well, since I've been using Surge I really feel like I've found the "missing link" in my nutrition program. Surge gives me great sustained energy and strength during my workouts. My recovery has been MUCH improved--I can't overstate this benefit. I find myself recovered, energetic, and ready to workout again in record time. I'd say it's true that Surge will speed up your recovery from workouts by a full day.

Furthermore, in the last several weeks that I've been using Surge (1 scoop 15 min. before workout; 2 scoops, 1/2 hour after workout; 2 scoops, 1 hour later) I've put on some nice muscle--all while dieting! That's another huge benefit of Surge: used around my workouts, even while dieting, it has not lead to fat gain. It seems as if my body just absorbs the nutrients in Surge like a sponge--I believe it's very effeciently used by the body.

In fact, I've lost 50 lbs. over the last 10 months, and some of my best workouts and results have come since I've been using Surge.

I'm now completely sold on Surge and will never train without it--bulking, cutting, it doesn't matter. I'll simply consume more Surge when I'm bulking, less when I'm cutting.



The BODY of reserach shows that whey hydrosolate, maltodextrin, and dextrose is the best PWO 'food'. Surge combines this in one handy package.

I think Dave's response makes sense. The effectiveness of the PWO shake is dependant on overall nutrition. So, you need to be getting good nutrition from real food too. If this is slightly deficient, I can see some added casein being beneficial. Otherwise, the whey, malto, dex combo is probably best.