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Gatorade = fructose?

Searching around the forums, found this from old “Workout Nutrition” thread:

Any truth to this?

(Ugh, I’ve been using gatorade powder PWO for months… (college student))

First off, NORMAL fructose is great. It has a low glycemic index, doesn’t spike insulin levels and I think there is an old article on T-mag that goes into not even being digested as a carbohydrate, it sorta goes through a different route. Don’t quote me on that though because I don’t remember precisely. Gatorade though is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. This is HORRIBLE just to ever take.
Read some recent t-mag article and you’ll see what I mean:
Benefits of gatorade: It’s isotonic menaing that is has the same composition as your blood plasma so that you can put more water in your body without changing its osmolality, and thus either retaining or losing more water.

Post workout: I wouldn’t use it. High Frucutose corn syrup and gatorade isn’t all that horrible after a workout since you want the insulin surge which it definetly causes. You’re better off with surge, and plain old white rice works great too or just straight up maltodextrin. Gatorade is an acceptable choice though when mixed with protein.

Just remember to distinguish between fructose (good) and high fructose corn syrup (bad).

Hope this helps,

Yeah I think it has a little fructose in it. I think sucrose is fructose/glucose, but it also has dextrose as well and is fine for pwo if surge is not available. If your really worried about it you can just buy some straight maltodextrin or dextrose glucose powder, I know AST puts out such a product.

Fructose is the worst. It either gets burned for fuel, stored in the liver glycogen (limit about 50 grams of carbs) or gets stored as fat.

Guess which one usually happens?

Didn’t bother to actually look at your canister of Gatorade powder, though, did you? Gatorade’s not ideal because it’s sucrose (glucose+fructose) and dextrose, whereas you’d ideally want dextrose and maltodextrin, but Gatorade+LC Grow (or in my case, Gatorade+Bomber’s Blend) is still one of the best “poor man’s” PWO shakes around.

Looks like water, sucrose then a glucose/fructose mix. I wouldn’t worry about this screwing with your post workout recovery.

Nope. Gatorade has dextrose. I just checked my container.

The ingredients on the Gatorade container (powder) don’t list fructose, so I don’t see why anyone would say that. The only sugars listed are sucrose and dextrose.

Gatorade is better than nothing, however, I find that dextrose is the best for me. You can tell just by how it mixes that you end up with this nice glucose solution. The Gatorade drinks tend to have more flavor but I am now fond of the dextrose/high-grade whey drinks I take now.

The drink that seems to be pretty good for me (I put this together based on carb/protein and also “benefits” of other ingredients).

Post workout (if on T-Dawg or similar diet where carbs are minimized almost every other meal except post workout #2):

115g carbs: dextrose
25g protein: ion exchange whey isolate
10g protein: hydrolyzed whey
5g (approx) protein: 2 large heaping tbsp colostrum
1 heaping tbps All in One powder (7g caseinate, 2g carbs, full range of vitamins/minerals; has been an excellect supp thusfar)

If I’m not on T-dawg or similar diet I tend to halve the calories from the dextrose since I’m getting moderate carbs the other parts of the day.

I used Gatorade for a while and it was good, however, I believe the dextrose to be ideal so I use that now. I don’t know the ratios of sucrose to dextrose in Gatorade but I believe it is listed first in the ingredients? I have tried getting most carbs from dextrose and then adding the remaining amount from Gatorade (1/4th the carbs) to make the drink taste a little better and I kinda like the idea of getting the electrolytes but I don’t do this anymore.

Also, dextrose is CHEAP. I bought 10lbs of the stuff a while back and its lasting forever. I find that I go through protein a LOT faster.

Good luck.

sucrose consists of a fructose and glucose molecule bonded together. this accounts for sucrose having a glycemic index pretty much inbetween the G.I. values for fructose(low GI) and glucose(high GI).
hope that clears things up.

That’s weird. My container doesn’t say sucrose.

As mentioned before sucrose = glucose + fructose. The idea of purchasing your own maltodextrin from a bulk store is best for the poor man’s shake.

what ia a good glucose drink…or do i have to buy a special glucose powder

Just a heads up you all. The type of sugar carbs in gatorade varies with the flavor/color for some reason. I cant remember but I think it was the blue stuff that is all dextrose.

Just check the labels.

Hope that helps.

First off, I am pretty sure there is not HFCS in Gatorda. My containers definetly don’t list them but they do list a really weird ingredient. As someone already pointed out, sucrose is a disacchride made of fructose-glucose. Oddly enough, after sucrose syrup, the ingredients then list fructose-glucose. Unless that syrup is made up of different ratios (other than 1:1), I don’t understand that listing, and then straight fructose is listed later. Don’t worry about it though, if you cant afford surge (I’m a highschool student…) Gatorade/Whey is fine for PWO.

JB dumps some Gatorade powder into his PW shake during certain phases of training. Check out the new “Creation” article for details.

damn there are some ill-informed posters on this forum. Check you stats and facts before posting please. If you dont know what the fuck you are talking about dont reply or just type “bump”

what do you mean whetu?

There is some confusion because the ready to drink Gatorade is different than the powdered version.

The powdered version only lists dextrose as it’s sugar source.

Jeff is right. Check the labels on the powder and the ready made. This is old old news and we’ve discussed it many times.

Jeff, GreatWhiteHope:

That isn’t the case. It may depend on where you live though. Here, its sucrose, followed by dextrose. Thats for the powder. There have been some people who say that its only dextrose where they have seen. But, for a fact, its “sucrose, dextrose” in order of ingredients.

As Phill said, something about depending on the flavor too. Bottom line, read your freakin label and check. If its not what you want for your post workout shake, then don’t drink it.