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Gatorade For Spiking Insulin?


I've been using gatorade to spike my insulin after workouts alone with a protein shake.

My first question, Is Gatorade a bad source of sugar to spike my insulin with? Is there something better that costs roughly the same? I was thinking about just ordering some dextrose.

Second, if it is good, how many grams of sugar should I be getting. I usually have 3 servings which is 42g of sugar.

I would use Surge but it's too pricey for everything else I'm buying.





Dextrose and Maltodextrin are much better. Gatorade up here in Canada actually has HFCS. :frowning:

I'm not quite sure what it is in the US, but I do believe there MIGHT be some sucrose in there, which is not optimal.


Yes, my gatorade has sucrose in it. Any idea where to get both those sugars? Either online or a local store?


Can't you just buy those sugars in packs at the local supermarket or health food store?

Gatorade and most similar drinks are heavy on the sucrose. Maybe you'd be better off drinking some Coke, at least it is cheaper. (just kidding)


I usually use fat free organic chocolate milk and add some sugar in it mixed with my protein shake,and some vanilla yogurt.


I've read that 75g of maltodextrin is the best for an insulin spike.


I too use Gatorade. When you buy the powder, it shouldnt have HFCS. I use the Lemon/Lime Flavor. Sucrose is the #1 ingredient though. Followed by Dextrose.

I too am curious what a good Dextrose/Maltodextrin combo would be to add to my PWO instead of gatorade.


I think Dr. Berardi has mentioned using chocolate milk as a cheap PWO drink.


50/50 is good, but I seriously doubt 50/50 is MUCH better than just one or the other by itself.


just as a reference point, I once went to one of them "build it yourself" type sites to try and formulate some Surge... it turns out it cost the same as just buying the damn Surge (actually it was like 25c cheaper per pound, but shipping was a bitch)

anyways, long story short, I decied that I could keep experimenting with homeade formulas that are all approximations of something tried and true, or man up and help out the guys who help provide this site by saving some dough and just buying Surge.

that's science


You can usually buy them at a local shop where you can make your own wine. You can also buy them at The Bulk Barn if you have those in the States.


A bottle of gatorade isn't as good as Surge (as you know). And it really isn't that much cheaper.

Surge is about $2 a serving. Even with four workouts a week it's only $8. I don't know ho wmuch you make (and I'm not trying to be a dick) but gatorade isn't really saving you any $$$.

A 32 oz bottle of gatorade at my local store is about $1.65.

When you add in your protein shake (that you are already having)you are taking in a more expensive, less effective post workout drink.


I get 3 lbs 3oz of gatorade powder at walmart for 8 dollars. This makes about 6 gallons. Also does not contain HFCS like the liquid.

I use just shy of one scoop for my PWO shake. This gives me about 25 servings per 8$ tub with 200 cals, and 52 carbs per scoop.

I mix this with my whey to get a ratio of 24g protein to 55 carbs.

Now Im not saying this is better than Surge. I have never used Surge and Surge has other things in it as well that the Gatorade/Whey cant give you. Probably tastes alot better too. (Lemon/Chocolate PWO Shake, yuk.) But for somebody like me who is usually broke, this is close enough to perfection.

Malto and Dextrose is even cheaper than the gatorade, so I look forward to trying that soon too.

Edit- Just did the math roughly. Gatorade is ~.32 a serving, and my protein is ~.65 a serving. So I pay ~$1.00 for each PWO Shake.


I'm not 100% sure on this, but I feel like somewhere Dr. Berardi has said that he's used Gatorade powder mixed with Surge to increase the amount of PWO carbs in his shakes at certain times.


Like I said - you now have a less effective PWO shake (that tastes .. umm..different) just to save a dollar.

If $1 is a big enough difference for you financially then I totally understand. For me, $1 isn't worth the hassle.


Haha, I cannot remember if I said it before. But I am an unemployed college student. I am lucky to be able to afford my cell phone and what supplements I do use. Normally I would hesitate to cut funds from something important like that, but I have already cut my entertainment budget in order to get my protein, fats and creatine supply for the month. Fortunately eating healthy is cheaper thank eating like crap.


Yeah, I've been using it for a couple months after I realized I'd be better off buying more food instead of Surge (another college student). It does the trick for me.


slightly off topic but when i was at uni i was involved in a study that used gatorade during the session to blunt the cortisole responce to resistance training. im not sure if study is published yet but there are a few already done, try pub med and see what comes up.


Random points...

Gatorade is mostly about electrolyte balance (along with a few carbs in there) and keeping the whole solution as dilute as possible.

Glucose/Dextrose should be the cheapest product in any bake shop or bulk food store.

I hate cell phones.