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Gatorade During Workout?

Just a quick question about gatorade.
You guys have recommeded powdered Gatorade as opposed to the bottled stuff due to the difference in sugars. Apparantly powdered Gatorade has maltodextrin in it which makes it the better choice.

I don’t know if the ingredients differ from country to country but here in Australia our powdered stuff has 13.8g sucrose and 1.3g glucose per serving.

There is “Staminade” which contains dexrose.
Mixed with BCAA’s, would Staminade be a better choice for a pre and during workout fuel or is it really not that important.

The difference between the two is that the bottled Gatorade has Fructose, the powder has Sucrose.

If you can, Mix some Gatorade, some dextrose and a scoop of protein and you’re set to go