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Gatorade, Cytomax, and Surge


Hey I was wondering if drinking gatorade or cytomax during my workouts if it would reduc the effectiveness of my pre-workout Surge.




No, but the big question is "why would you want to do this"? I am sincerely asking.

Although I encourage most people to have a sugary drink on hand when they try pre workout meals, in case of a blood sugar crash, they soon find that they don't need them.


it's not really the sugar, it's more for the hydration. So basically you're saying, just drink water?


Yes. Water is better. Also (and there are 1000 opinions on this) save the Surge for post-workout.


Here is what I usually use.

Pre Workout (~60 minutes before)
16 ounces water
1 scoop chocolate whey
1/2 cup oats
Mix in blender

I sip this during my workout. When I am finished I add 1 scoop of Biotest's creatine and down the rest
24 ounces cold water
2 scoops Surge
1 scoop chocolate whey



I wouldn't spend money on those drinks, but if you get them super cheap then they're not going to hurt.

Unless you're dehydrated they won't affect your PreWO Surge.

You could try diluting the during WO drink and see if it has an effect.