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Gatorade and Teeth


hey guys I wanted to know how bad it is to consume about 16oz per day of Gatorade and some days more for your teeth. gatorade has a good amount of sugar and its the bottled version which contains hfcs. I wanted to know should I be worried about my teeth or no. A couple people said I should watch out for it but I thought I would get some other opinions


What, you don't own a toothbrush?





I don't know.

It depends.

Do you brush your teeth regularly?


Three factors for tooth decay must be present to get a cavity:
1-Carbohydrate intake and frequency
2-The bacteria innately present in the oral cavity
3-Oral Hygiene (or lack thereof)

Therefore, if you are brushing enough to compensate then there is little risk. Most people do not brush enough so, yes, in those cases, several exposures to carbs all day long could lead to more decay. Being "Gatorade" itself has little to do with it.


I understand x, so what is not brushing enough, is floosing once a day and brushing twice enough?


For you to may be...or it may not be. It is a little like asking how long is a piece of string. These guidelines are meant as a basic skeleton to follow. Most people should AT LEAST be brushing twice a day. Some need more based on their diet and oral bacterial environment. Most of us eat several times a day so no, twice a day may not be enough for the guy getting 8 meals down and over 5,000cals.

I keep a toothbrush with me...but then, how would I look in my profession with a dirty mouth?


This thread was made for X.


yea your right you need a clean mouth ahah. I prob should take it with me though or try and make it 3 since i eat 7-8 times a day.


yea your right you need a clean mouth ahah. I prob should take it with me though or try and make it 3 since i eat 7-8 times a day.




Dude, 30 posts in about 45 minutes today?... serially?


Who the hell does that? That's pretty goddamn slow.


Now you're starting to sound like Mak.


X, When you say carbohydrate intake and frequency, is that referring primarily to simple carbs, or do all carbohydrates apply? Believe it or not but I've never actually had a dentist explain to me the various mechanisms of how we get cavities, "Just brush your teeth" was usually the best I got.

and now that I think of it... my dentist growing up had pretty bad teeth. damn.


It has a high citric acid content. More than Coke. Destroys the enamel.

Household uses for Gatorade-Toilet cleanser
Pour a half bottle of Gatorade, preferably one of the clear liquid varieties, into your toilet bowl and let it sit for one and one half hours. The citric acid in Gatorade will get rid of the stains in your toilet bowl. This also works on porcelain lavatories, as well as your collectible porcelain figurines and fine porcelain china.


So if your on a low carb diet...does that mean you have a really low, if any chance to get cavaties?


We will never know..


Sugar(and not just sugar actually) is bad for your teeth because of what the bacteria does with it. Dentists I know curse sodas as a source of extreme tooth decay in young people, but those young people also lack frequent brushing.

Keep some water handy so you can rinse and spit if you're worried, that will help between brushing.


water....remember the old rule, "The solution to pollution is dilution."