Gathering Wisdom from Others Over 35

Wow. That article was a tough read for me but I am hugely grateful for it.

I had an ultrasound and it was deemed as a chronic adductor tear. I saw a physio who just thought scar tissue. How likely is it still to be a full tendon tear given these diagnostics?

Ah geez. Cheers dude.

Honestly, I have no idea, but an MRI wouldn’t hurt. Best case scenario, you rule out a tendon rupture and can get on with your rehab plan. Worst case, you find out you need surgery and can avoid months or potentially years of pointless rehab.


Thanks. I really appreciate it. The injury is ~4 years old so hopefully something can still be done about it. Getting myself super down right now over it, I just need it to come to an end so I can stop all these 2 steps forward and 2 steps backward in the gym.

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I hear you man – I’ve played that game more times than I care to count. Once you get your imaging done, report back here because I feel invested now. haha. If the doc doesn’t think surgery is necessary, I bet there’s plenty of modifications you can make to keep training hard as you heal up.


If there is a Stretch Labs in your area check them out.
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