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Gastrocs Imbalance

The outer(lateral?) head of my gastrocs is signifigantly higher up my leg than the inner(medial?) when I flex my calves. I’ve tried two different schools of thought on foot placement, etc. when working calves. One is to just make sure you generate force using the inner ball of your foot and it should activate all the fibers sufficiently, the other is to change foot spacing, position, etc.

I’m interested to know if anyone has been able to make noticeable improvements in one head of the calf over the other. Essentialy, can I get the two heads of my gastroc more symmetrical or is this an insertion issue?

Bump fools. Surely someone has an opinion/experience!

WTF. A post talking about hallucinating about egg mcmuffins gets 13 replies and not one person has any thing useful to contribute about calf work. Good! Grand! Great!

I would like to help, but I don’t do any direct calf work.

I just do a lot of explosive pulls and it seems to hit them pretty good.

Oh and hiking and sprinting hills.

My brother told me my calves look like popeye doing a handstand.

sprinting, wingate type cycle.

now stop moaning about not getting replies and train.


I think this is due to insertion points and can’t be changed. It’s perfectly normal, too. Most people’s calves that I’ve seen are like this to some degree or other.